Call Clooney!

203 Slaughterhouse Blues (2010-05-27)

Show 203 album art
0:00:00ACC: “This is why people need to support this show so I can quit this stupid job and I don’t have to travel … and do bullshit meetings, I wanna do the show!” (0:42:45)
0:00:44ACC on growing up with term “jabroney” with murky etymology; JCD on Dr. Seuss If I Ran the Zoo etymology of “nerd”, absence from Universal Studios attraction, ACC: “what a gyp!”
0:05:15We Told You So: Bret Michaels wins Celebrity Apprentice; Lost barely wins on ratings
0:08:52Producer Segment
0:11:36And Now Back to Real News: Kendra Wilkinson cashing in on Vivid Entertainment sex tape
0:14:27BP oil spill: spooks Thomas Friedman & Bob Woodward on Meet the Press, “rope-a-dope” strategy, Woodward: “9/11 came and went”, JCD: “it hasn’t went yet!”, idiotic “call in Google” proposal; reporter kicked off beach by Coast Guard; no sign of oil on dead animals, underwater footage on 20-second loop; Russian rig at 40,000 feet, underground volcano theory
0:29:08JCD on Corexit 9500 dispersant and industrial skin degreasers; apparent success with top kill operation; Sen. Byron Dorgan questions BP’s “legitimate claims”, AG stooge scratches head, Doublespeak of the Week jingle; Transocean to comfortably pay $1bn dividend
0:38:00Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews author Alan Hart asserts 9/11 a Mossad operation
0:40:2724 “zoom enhance” facial recognition from reflected image; cameras in court with Lindsay Lohan’s “nice boobage”, promotion for SCRAMx house arrest alcohol monitor “pure Gitmo Nation”, “offenders” meme, “helping keep veterans sober and accountable”
0:49:28Jim Inhofe on EPA lead paint rules and renovations; Food Safety Modernization Act to put independent slaughterhouses out of business; Joe Biden: Brussels “capital of the free world”
1:00:38ABC on climate scientists getting threatening e-mails from “white supremacists”
1:02:30Donation Segment: multilingual “In the Morning” and Our National Tray-sure jingles
1:11:41NPR running Go To Meeting ads with promo codes
1:13:26Sarah Ferguson “no traction for a distraction” with payola scandal
1:15:56Trains Good Planes Bad jingle; producer note on Delaware studying Raleigh-Wilmington line; air travel and global warming claim; London-Birmingham line in Queen’s speech; Siemens train crash and overshoot incident, Hitachi ad buys; Scandinavian Airlines investing in rail
1:20:21Jim Cramer on fall of Australian dollar, “communist” mining tax vs capitalist China; Clarke and Dawe satire European debt and “broke economy” bailouts; Dutch austerity rumblings
1:26:39New York Post: Census workers blowing whistle on repeat hirings to inflate labor numbers; C-SPAN intros UC professor to discuss necessity of lying in politics; gold shill Peter Schiff cut off halfway through spiel, Dylan Ratigan: “the government didn’t like what Peter had to say”
1:30:28TSA keeping list of passengers who make screeners “feel threatened”
1:31:22“Great salt shakeup” in breads and breakfast cereals; Medscape video on computer models
1:33:47And Now Back to Real News: Jesse James “I think I wanted to get caught”, JCD: “did she sign the Lesbian Treaty?”; bizarre Inside Edition jump cut segue from Jean Benet Ramsay suspect John Mark Karr to program millennials
1:40:12Foxconn building literal safety nets after eleventh worker suicide
1:41:45Clegg flip-flops on extradition of NASA hacker Gary McKinnon; forgotten Obama promises
1:43:50BBC bogus “virus” meme in RFID propaganda; Schiphol biometrics, Logitech at US airports
1:48:55Producer bipolar disorder feedback; Dr. Andrew Wakefield de-licensed over MMR-autism link
1:52:14“And follow us on Twitter” iso; Student Financial Aid Awareness Month pushing massive student debt; Senate “Rosa’s Law” to replace “retardation” with “intellectual disability”