Call Clooney!

202 Trains To FEMA (2010-05-23)

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0:00:00JCD: “Dissemble dissemble dissemble dissemble.” (1:44:32)
0:00:35JCD on for pronouncing Australian place names; small earthquake in Baja; Sir Geoff Smith In the Morning end-of-show jingle
0:03:26And Now Back to Real News: Bret Michaels Celebrity Apprentice finalist, ACC: “guy’s gonna win”, up against Lost finale
0:05:48Producer Segment: No Agenda Amateur Radio Initiative, Morse code ITM roger beep
0:13:44And Now Back to Real News: Lindsay Lohan’s celebrity moniker “LL”, passport disappearance; Naomi Campbell to testify at The Hague about blood diamond from Charles Taylor
0:18:15Producer note on Obama West Point commencement speech, Fox News injects silence over 20 seconds of cheering for Iraq pullout, Afghanistan transition expertly edited out, JCD: “maybe that was the speech given by the other Obama”; JCD on Silicon Spin unmiked audience
0:32:44Don Lemon and Rep. Charlie Melancon spar over marsh burning; ACC: BP 24/7 leak-cam not a sign of trying to downplay seriousness of accident; Norwegian Statoil North Sea evacuation; Obama calls for independent commission, nominee Bill Riley revolving-door oil shill
0:38:50Robert Gibbs on Obama’s lectern vole: “it’s definitely not a mouse”
0:41:17JCD on authors airing grievances on Book TV, Cyber War author Richard Clarke on mutual assured destruction and Hillary Clinton’s announcement of Cold War 33k nuclear weapons, Bush “wasn’t willing to mess with the banking system” in Iraq, repeated “exfiltrate” term, 2007 bombing of Syrian nuclear facility by Israel, cyberattacks on Estonia and Georgia; Clarke at Spy Museum surrounded by “Spy” posters
0:54:15Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair resigns out of the blue; shootings of sovereign citizens Jerry Kane and son Joseph; HIG High-Value Detainee Interrogation Group
1:00:50Donation Segment: “preaching to the choir”; media ITMs; Hugo Chávez Aló Presidente
1:10:52Another Hon Hai/Foxconn suicide
1:12:11Post-Ashmageddon solidification of control of the skies by European Commission; no Indonesian shutdown over Mount Rinjani eruption; record losses and threatened strike for British Airways; crackpot “trains to FEMA camps” theory, Zug Switzerland German word for “train”; ABC on JetBlue pilot removed from plane in Boston for text message; Air India Express 812 runway overshoot off cliff; 50 dead in two China train crashes
1:17:49Codex Alimentarius “assault on salt” worldwide, Cumberland Nu-Salt potassium chloride, Ketchum and Hoffman PR agencies for UN and WHO
1:22:31Minneapolis adult immunization roster thanks to stimulus money; Craig Venter group’s synthesis of bacterial DNA financed by Department of Energy alongside Area 51, Venter on vaccine and biofuel applications, JCD on DIY invasive species; DSM-5 PRS psychosis risk syndrome, antipsychotic risperidone and Central Park open-air lobotomy clinic
1:38:25Newspapers vs TV attitudes toward illegal immigration, Roosevelt’s packed deportation ships to Yucatán Peninsula; Arizona power generation and Atlas Shrugged playbook
1:42:45Doublespeak of the Week: “dissemble” describing typical behavior of political class
1:45:13That’s No Angry Mob, That’s My Mom author on Boston Globe “blatant shameless bias” reporting on Tea Party event without attending; Rand Paul spun as racist, JCD: “he’s creepy”
1:49:20Sonora Mexico tourism ad with Mexican soldier “looking for people from Arizona”
1:50:35Outro: end-of-show Geoff Smith In the Morning song, “little bit Crackpot, tiny bit Buzzkill”