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201 The Reluctant Spy (2010-05-21)

Show 201 album art
0:00:00JCD: “What garbage!” (1:46:08)
0:00:37ACC’s “please breathe normally” fun with Southwest Airlines, PSA Airlines prototype bought by humorless US Air; no benefit concert for Iowa flood devastation; ACC’s childhood Unitarian Easters with Morning Has Broken
0:08:07Producer Segment: Haiti burning GMO seeds from Monsanto
0:13:56JCD on Miss USA 2010: “this show’s rigged”, winner Muslim “multi-culty girl” Rima Fakih, predicted “incident” over indecency and more publicity for Donald Trump
0:18:11Planes Bad: Polish TU-154 cockpit visitors; 44 dead in Afghanistan crash; scientists questioning TSA body scanner safety; WSJ’s Andy Pasztor: pilots forgetting to start all engines, ACC: “bull, bull, bullcrap!”; windshield heaters causing cockpit fires; lack of power outlets in coach; Robin Maiden’s Delta Flight Ops 411 podcast meteorologist on Ashmageddon: “they did the best they could, but it was all assumptions”, Mount St. Helen “no closing of airspace”; only Richard Branson making a fuss; JCD on early laptop ban “better to be safe than sorry”
0:33:42Trains Good: California High-Speed Rail Authority CEO Roelof van Ark’s pay cut with $375k plus signing bonus, previous Siemens positions
0:36:37C-SPAN After Words with ex-CIA John Kiriakou on 2002 Iraq invasion plan, Cheney’s “big lie” on Saddam Hussein’s connections with al-Qaeda, “CIA gift shop” and July 2001 warning about unprecedented attack; Pilots for 9/11 Truth’s American 77 flight recorder FOIA
0:49:21Reglan class-action lawsuit over side effects “lip smacking, pursing, and puckering”; V for Vendetta segue to Capital One credit card ad, ACC: “there’s goats coming at you!”; “John’s big beef” massive list of ads in single Today Show commercial break
0:58:46Donation Segment: producer note on 1930 Soviet earthquake machine
1:09:37UK Treasury Secretary David Laws’ “we’ve run out of cash” note from predecessor; JCD story: bumped from CNBC for position on no cash for iPads
1:16:11Dutch TV report: “salt is a sniper”; COP 16 in Cancún; Boar’s Head “assault on salt” ad, Salt Institute “big tobacco of the salt war”
1:19:57Australian Incoming Passenger Card pornography question; JCD story: illegal Soviet money for airport carts; conductor Sir Eugene Goossens’s career-ending pornography in luggage; Washington “bikini barista” busted for lack of adult entertainment license, prostitution charges for whipped cream “lewd behavior”; Douglas Hughes promises Santa Rosa “Pedophile Island”
1:28:06Los Angeles boycotting Arizona over immigration law, Arizona Corporation Commissioner Gary Pierce helpfully offers to shut off electricity: “I am confident that Arizona’s utilities would be happy to take those electrons off your hands”
1:31:05Ineffective Broadway-style “pure imagination” AT&T ad; Criminal Minds rogue fiber optic cable with ID number from door-to-door ISP demo, Eric Schmidt internet “anarchy” quote
1:37:37Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Act trying to crack down on derivatives, Sen. Judd Greg likens to Alice in Wonderland, ban on onion and movie futures, “betting” meme; chances of Goldman Sachs’ “perfect quarter” 1 in 5.7bn
1:43:15And Now Back to Real News: scripted Miss USA walk-off: “Mr. Trump: you’re the world’s best boss!”, “I’ll take everything I’ve learned and apply it to my next dream”, ACC: “workin’ at Wendy’s!”; The View on booing for Oklahoma’s states’ rights question; Maine on regulating social media sites: “we should take it into our own hands to be above the status”
1:54:15Gates Foundation all-in on eugenicist male birth control; John Kiriakou WTF for end-of-show