Call Clooney!

1 No Agenda 001 (2007-10-26)

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0:00:00ACC: “Ah, welcome everybody to a brand new program on the PodShow network, which could be titled a number of things; we chose No Agenda, but it could be the show with no imaging, no content yet — the only thing it is, is two guys with an idea of putting together a, what shall we call it, John?”
JCD: “Agenda-less show.”
0:00:25JCD on interesting conversations with Mimi, ACC with Patricia
0:01:37ACC’s Ron Paul interview, JCD on “Doctor Ron” and German Herr Doktor, JCD on “long ass-kissing moment”, democracy-republic question
0:09:29JCD story: visit to abolitionist Cassius Clay’s mansion, self-defense via personal cannon, Clay’s diminutive lesbian sister, Muhammad Ali name’s historical precedent
0:14:30Paul on Second Amendment, ACC’s Japanese machine gun; Paul’s Constitutional position on right to life; no shot of winning as an independent, Ross Perot’s bizarre exit from race
0:21:02JCD recommends Confessions of an Economic Hit Man; ACC on phony edited interviews; JCD on pre-interviews, Larry King’s “guy on the street” approach, Leno pre-interviews; ACC “scrunch or fold” question
0:27:35H.R.1955 Violent Radicalization & Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act thought crime bill
0:30:48California fires nowhere near JCD’s location; 500k or 1M evacuations
0:33:35Writers Guild of America strike
0:36:56ACC: “forty minutes is pretty much the max, I think”