Call Clooney!

19 Show Me the Money! (2008-03-01)

Show 19 album art
0:00:28ACC’s equipment stabilized; ACC well-pampered by Patricia, Ted Baker suit shopping
0:03:54New two-mile-long Beijing airport terminal; JCD’s travel shopping trip
0:08:02Rubicon dinner, JCD on testing sommeliers, bullcrap “robust yet fruity” lists, “astonishing” grappa, 1999 Aux Combottes Domaine Dujac wine, silly wine cradle, Paris bistro Café Procope, 1900 Armagnac
0:20:38Akamai wins $45.5M in Limelight patent infringement suit, PodShow producer freakout; comScore study on decline in clickthrough rates at Google, CEO blog post after Google’s stock price plunges; JCD’s lunch with AdSense creator
0:37:38Listener tea feedback; garbage disposals outlawed in Berkeley; listener question on matching wine with pasta for under $100, JCD recommends Rosso di Montalcino
0:42:59Pakistan and YouTube outage, Geert Wilders anti-Koran movie Fitna, ACC on Burj Al Arab internet filters; CVC’s transition from e-mail to Facebook, MIA SMS messages
0:52:05Banking write-offs across Europe, UBS down 50%, $2-3T in sovereign wealth funds, Heathrow partially owned by Spain; listener recommends John Ratzenberger’s Made in America; EADS £38bn supertanker contract with low dollar, JCD San Francisco traffic parallel
1:03:06Neelie Smit-Kroes the hard-ass; artists suing RIAA, JCD Show Me the Money column
1:06:51Berkeley up in arms over black cop shooting black woman, “truth to power”, “skin-privileged white woman” milieu code word; JCD story: PC World copy editor saying “we use spokesperson instead of representative to make it clear that we don’t use sexist language”
1:14:42Listeners all-in on longer format, JCD on “begging for money” approach, André Rieu approach, Fabchannel grant money approach, “grantsmanship”; Reddit and Digg media hits