Call Clooney!

199 Elephant In The Room (2010-05-13)

Show 199 album art
0:00:00JCD: “Shameless, shameless, shameless!” (1:25:16)
0:01:02“In the morning” to ships at sea
0:01:28We Told You So: predicted oil rig disaster strikes Venezuelan natural gas platform, Hugo Chávez TV gloating opportunity
0:04:44Producer Segment: Weezer’s Pat Wilson “in the morning” sash on George Lopez
0:15:28Micky’s $1800 shipping container vs ACC’s $85 container with guitar Japanese LMG-99 machine gun and audio gear, oddball British 220V fused three-prong plugs
0:22:16The Simpsons “I like Rajiv, Rubaba, and Big Brahmin in the morning!”
0:22:57And Now Back to Real News: Betty White Saturday Night Live “she’s a lesbian”, JCD on Elena Kagan “elephant in the room” vs Goldman Sachs connection, Eliot Spitzer “I did not go out with her”, outed by Andrew Sullivan; Rachel Maddow contrasts Kagan with “hot minute” Harriet Miers; Monsanto trying to overturn 2007 California ban on GMO alfalfa with Kagan’s help; C-SPAN now editorializing, “lasts about three hours” vs “pointing the finger” voiceovers
0:35:07ACC recovers from kernel panic; JCD on Supreme Court Ivy League Monsanto stooges
0:39:44Supernatural “act of domestic terrorism” with contaminated vaccine, new zombie meme
0:42:59Producer note on Flash Crash and Erlang hot-swappable programming language; SEC’s Mary Schapiro: “we will get to the bottom of this”, “fat finger” and hacker scenarios ruled out, “confluence” of events; EU $1T bailout to pay off loans from mega-banks; Joseph Stiglitz’ Freefall on Icelandic banks suckering UK and Netherlands, Brussels to vet members’ budgets
0:58:50“Figurehead” Queen allows Gordon Brown to resign in favor of David Cameron, deficit at 12.8% GDP, newly appointed Cabinet banker roster, high speed rail and runway closure in coalition agreement, electric vehicle charging station mandate
1:07:38Sky News madwoman Kay Burley in hot water over grabbing AP camerawoman by throat
1:09:12Australia all-in on high-speed rail; Japanese drop-off car “mailbag” technology; anti-aviation stories accompanied by railway banner ads, ACC on-the-ground money grab theory
1:17:13New John Kerry cap & trade bill, bogus polar bear and flooded house photos, S.1733 Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act, “free” meme; Geraldo Rivera on Gulf fishing ban: “very different ecosystem” from Alaska, Avatar name-drop and “national treasure”, big oil “quick profits” lie, shameless Sigourney Weaver, John’s Big Beef jingle, Rivera on “having kids and people get involved” like in Three Mile Island and Chernobyl
1:30:11Donation Segment: Show 333 next milestone after 200; mass Black Knighting
1:38:22Voyager 2 begins transmitting unintelligible data from edge of solar system
1:42:26Oil developer Global Renewable Energy trying to buy Haitian Ile de La Gonâve near epicenter, FAQ: “one of the world’s most highly trafficked energy sea lanes”, “why located an oil refinery on La Gonâve?”, “the developers are becoming impatient” threat; Monsanto sends 475 tons of GMO seeds; United States Institute of Peace and International Crisis Group trustees including George Soros, Kofi Annan, and Zbigniew Brzezinski
1:51:48Two-to-the-head: Russian scientist Maria Beloyvan falls to her death at Fermilab
1:53:49Dutch developer Chipshol’s Jan Poot takes aim at pedophiles in judiciary
1:56:17John Dean to Keith Olbermann on Holder’s proposal to eliminate Miranda rights
2:02:25Bay Area man arrested for “using a concealed camera for sexual gratification”; end-of-show clip on vaginal cosmetic surgery; Pennsylvania tax amnesty ads created by Nieman Group
2:07:45Producer note on Obama potentially outed as having cheating gene