Call Clooney!

198 Things Could Get Complicated (2010-05-09)

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0:00:00JCD: “Y’know, that sounds like a James Bond movie!” (0:41:42)
0:00:37JCD watching Saturday morning cartoon propaganda, Mark Fiore banned by Apple app store police; American Dad nutrition label sodium zoom-in; Law & Order on cap and trade “racket”, “two global warming scientists were cooking their numbers”, Obama sound-alike
0:05:53Presidential proclamation belatedly recognizing Mother’s Day, JCD: “well, Obama has accomplished something, and I’m sure he got a big check in the mail from Hallmark”
0:08:03Producer Segment
0:13:15ACC neighborhood welcome party, JCD: “are you sure it wasn’t a prelude to wife swapping?”
0:14:15Bill Clinton to PBS on moving Haiti’s “seven thousand most vulnerable”, coughing “tell” for “we’re doing better” lie, meetings about how to spend big money coming soon, “I hope that soon we’ll be able to start bringing investors back in”, enabling US textile imports “won’t cost any American jobs”, “getting the tourism back up”; ACC’s neighbors out Anderson Cooper as gay, camp manager Sean Penn: “the disaster is still on”, Red Cross “out of the medical field for fifty years”, Sanjay Gupta on “preventable stupid death” from diphtheria, ACC: “need some vaccines, that’ll fix ‘em right up!” (ACCPPotD); origin of “ditty”
0:26:08Bill Maher: “brown people are probably going to … breed their way to power”; “labor underutilization” U6 numbers and recent college graduates, “small business” <25 definition
0:33:43Flash Crash: DH Unplugged “fat finger” theory, hysterical Chicago trader on phone: “ninety handles, that’s too much!”; 200k put options on June S&P ten minutes before, “trader zero” flown in with stolen high-frequency trading code, beta test of “financial earthquake machine”, VST code patented by Max Keiser, sold to Cantor Fitzgerald before 9/11; new Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan not disqualified by Goldman Sachs connection; Rep. Alan Grayson “you own the Red Roof Inn” comment; Law & Order orchestra hit
0:49:36And Now Back to Real News: Extra male cheating gene meme, “life changers” Pirro & Pinski
0:53:45Donation Segment
1:03:15TSA’s Rolando Negrin beats up coworker over naked body scanner small genitalia mockery
1:05:32PBS Dinosaur Train cartoon show: “velociraptors can’t fly!”; “using Frontline Plus shows your pet you care”; producer’s National Train Day undercover recording; Panama Canal expansion to accomodate largest liquid natural gas ships, ship via Burlington Northern
1:16:30BBC: Deepwater Horizon “unprecedented environmental disaster” vs 1979 Ixtoc One spill vs Iraq torching oil fields after Desert Storm
1:21:03ACC’s sister Willow’s vulcanologist friend on Eyjafjallajökull lava bubbles breaking jeep windows 35 km away, aviation shutdown origin in UK instead of France; UK election weather and hung government, “Susan Boyle of politics” Nick Clegg; Sky News’ increasingly hysterical Kay Burley “shut up slave” to protestor: “this is democracy in action, the public had voted for a hung Parliament”; Chancellor of Exchequer in Brussels for EU bailout fund
1:33:57Jimmy Carter PCP President’s Cancer Panel on chemical and radiation risks, American Cancer Society smoking and obesity “nothing to see here”, funding from Monsanto
1:36:1130 Rock under fire for sexism, Tina Fey “Vietnamese size 2” bridesmaid dress clip
1:39:49Greek “riot dogs” Kanellos and Loukanikos; The Mentalist California Bureau of Investigation “like the FBI only more conveniently located”, “we showed you our badges” meme
1:44:54Pennsylvania tax amnesty “imminent death of Mr. Nice Guy”, “after June 18th, well, things could get complicated”, JCD: “run by the mob??”; Mark Fiore two Obamas end-of-show