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197 Salt in the Wound (2010-05-06)

Show 197 album art
0:00:00JCD: “Eh, those bastards have been doin’ this stuff since the fifties!” (1:50:57)
0:00:38We Told You So: Bret Michaels to make recovery, ACC predicts Celebrity Apprentice win; JCD “don’t get me started” on New Orleans trip, Antoine’s “dead cuisine”, bananas Foster
0:07:09Producer Segment: No Agenda SEO; Leo Laporte call-in and Doctor Who “in the morning”
0:16:25Attempted Election Day private plane two-to-the-head for Nigel Farage, hateful comments posted, BBC “crosswind” bullcrap; Nick Clegg speaks perfect Dutch in interview; Dutch two minutes of silence WWII ceremony disrupted by panic
0:25:19Times Square bombing attempt: Michael Chertoff on transfer of no-fly list from airlines to TSA, on board of Alclear LLC with no disclosure; CNN American al-Qaeda ad; MSNBC Faisal Shahzad no-fly list not on “no-buy gun or stuff you can blow people up with list”; Michael Bloomberg to Katie Couric: “somebody with a political agenda that doesn’t like the healthcare bill or something”; Obama on his daughters’ Jonas Brothers dating prospects: “I have two words for you: Predator drones — you will never see it coming — you think I’m joking”; Steve Clemons asked about motive; bomb squad training exercise
0:38:32Rev. Manning on May 14 Columbia trial of Obama as undercover CIA agent, Leiutenant Quarles Harris 2008 murder and Obama passport breach, Manning end-of-show clip; CIA’s Michael Hayden to MSNBC: Shahzad “new model”, JCD on professors replaced by CIA stooges
0:48:03Salt meme and Codex Alimentarius video: “the United Nations organization that establishes the world’s food standards”, “based on science”, National Salt Reduction Initiative
0:55:01Donation Segment: 5/5/10 Double Nickels on the Dime Day; birthdays announced together
1:13:52Warren Buffett’s Burlington Northern purchase, May 8 National Train Day, 2006 adult diaper sales spike in China, Taye Diggs on Train Day festivities; Modern Family vacation episode: “I thought the wings were gonna snap off”; JCD’s visit to New Orleans Lower Ninth Ward
1:23:29Pennsylvania “we do know who you are” tax amnesty ad; Tea Party losing to mainstream Republicans in Indiana and Ohio midterms, blamed for David Obey retirement
1:28:22Marines providing fertilizer and seeds for Marjah farmers; Operation Flintlock anti-al-Qaeda exercise in Sahara; Toyota production at all-time high, “a million dollars an hour” ad; Ahmadinejad to The Telegraph: bin Laden living in Washington D.C.
1:33:03Red Cross reusing Haiti number for Tennessee flood donations; Bill Clinton pardon for Pincus Green, Glencore PLC and First Reserve Corporation; BP CEO Tony Hayward blames Transocean; Transocean’s $401M insurance payout, Goldman Sachs insiders; BP’s Jeff Childs drops oil price by $5 with leak reduction announcement, refutation from COO Doug Suttles; no oil slick on satellite images; Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund; Huffington Post satire article taken seriously by Alex Jones crew; Obama on “massive and potentially unprecedented environmental disaster”, unfixable by humans meme; ACC August 6 prediction
1:51:12Belated knighthood ceremony; ACC Show 200.5 notes
1:57:09Lloyd Blankfein’s Atlas Shrugged for employees
1:57:44Matthew Crawford: Shop Class As Soulcraft “deeply critical of the very idea of management”, boss vs “smarmy” therapist; ACC recommends Charlotte Iserbyt’s The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, producer note on A Delicate Balance pushing vegan diet
2:02:02Germany cross with Google over MAC address wardriving; rampant bullying meme
2:03:53Secret recording of Copenhagen COP 15 negotiations; US Ambassador to Mexico: Cuba flooded within 50 years; Producer notes on swine plus seasonal flu vaccines in military