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196 Blow The Drill Baby (2010-05-02)

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0:00:00ACC: “I’m amazed at what’s happening! Ugggh!” (1:25:36)
0:00:36Michael Jackson doctor Conrad Murray sticking to “killed himself” story, entertainment lawyer Peter Lopez commits suicide, husband of The Dukes of Hazzard’s Catherine Bach, Latoya Jackson music catalog story
0:06:03Producer Segment: “you’ve been de-douched” jingle, producer credit in IMDb
0:11:59Call to action: fix Wikipedia No Agenda page edited to uselessness
0:15:06Obama standup at Washington Correspondents’ Dinner, Leno bombs, “sinister” birther jokes
0:18:58BP Deepwater Horizon update at Obama Rose Garden Teacher of the Year award: Interior Department sending “SWAT teams” to Gulf, “national significance” meme, artificial price inflation vs cleanup costs theory; Transocean Ltd “coincidentally” listed on Swiss SIX exchange on day of disaster, South Korean funding, North Korean submarine suicide mission theory, Gazprom deal with South Korea bypassing North Korea; Sarah Palin targeted for ridicule
0:31:32CIA-connected National Enquirer on Obama cheating scandal with Vera Baker, JCD: Michelle “has always looked like the angry wife to me”, crappy childhood obesity gig
0:35:34Obama administration defies Congressional subpoena for Fort Hood massacre documents
0:37:5230 Rock “I lost a toe ring in him” evades censors
0:39:52“Check it out, the ice caps are melting, the polar bears are dying!”, climate scientists lousy at PR, “no serious debate within the scientific community about the reality of human-caused climate change”; Investor’s Business Daily “ten-trillion-dollar climate fraud” article, Al Gore cheerleading at Council of Foundations meeting, Chicago Climate Exchange funded by Joyce Foundation with Obama on board; CME Group to buy Climate Exchange PLC for $604M
0:48:35Bill Maher propagates “the rest of the world believes global warming” meme, Ross Douthat on Spanish “green jobs bubble”, creepy Laura Tyson mumbling in background, douchebag Chris Matthews on “fast” Chunnel vs Amtrak, “be in Chicago in a day”, Matthews Civil War meme, Tyson all-in on Maher’s “tax baby tax”, bullcrap “price incentive not to use it”
1:01:31Ray LaHood: “all around the country people are asking for more rail service”, JCD: “no they’re not!”; “Mr. Train” Biden thanks Rahm Emanuel; Obama on “system that reduces destructive emissions and creates jobs”, “no lost luggage, no takin’ off your shoes” hilarity, “imagine whisking through towns at speeds over one hundred miles an hour”, JCD: “there’s never gonna be transportation for people, it’s a ruse, it’s bogus, it’s bullcrap!” (JCDPPotD)
1:12:14Donation Segment: Knight ring design by Neal Dickson; under-$50 anonymous donations
1:23:14Wall Street reform bill draft: “the Federal Reserve gets all the power”, Atlas Shrugged playbook
1:25:402002 Ellen Feiss “beep beep beep” Apple switch ad, “420 gigawatts” dingbat natural gas ad
1:28:40New meme: Teddy Roosevelt and Progressive Party, University of Virginia Professor Sidney Milkis on “apotheosis of progressive democracy” Obama “channeling TR”
1:32:45No Agenda Swine Flu Minute: students avoiding vaccine because of YouTube Desiree Jennings video, Frontline voiceover; WGN “why take a chance” PSA, “it’s not too late to vaccinate”; NHS Gardasil bribes for teenage girls; PROVENGE “vaccine” for prostate cancer to the tune of $93k, “four extra months to live”; CSL pretty sure its vaccine didn’t kill kids in Australia
1:42:02Tom Vilsak all-in on “food system for dummies”; Rascal Suds Flatts at Kentucky Derby; Monk: “you’re studying the US Constitution, something no citizen would ever do”; Good Day New York’s Rosanna Scotto suggests “milk” alternative “soy jism”
1:50:20Outro: documentaries and animal privacy, Arizona bill outlaws human-animal hybrids