Call Clooney!

195 Kidnapping The Truth (2010-04-29)

Show 195 album art
0:00:00ACC: “Have you noticed a decrease in your enjoyment of life?”
JCD: “Yeah absolutely, especially since I started doing this show!” (1:57:51)
0:00:40ACC predicts Bret Michaels Celebrity Apprentice hyponatremia recovery
0:04:41Producer Segment
0:10:58David Petraeus’ “required” uniform medals vs Army Regulation 670-1 “exempt” (JCDPPotD)
0:13:03Gordon Brown hot mic “bigoted woman” after being chewed out on street; CNBC French correspondent Stéphane Pedrazzi’s outrageous accent reporting EADS Airbus strike; fine old tradition of French strikes vs Seattle Everybody Draw Mohammed Day, Facebook “Boobquake”
0:27:36Mimi’s Ashmageddon theory on keeping world leaders away from Polish government funeral; Siemens radio ad for California high-speed rail; high-altitude radiation and toxic cabin air memes; Wall Street Journal’s Andy Pasztor blames “numerous safety violations” by ATC for 2009 Hudson River helicopter crash, NTSB docket “no conclusions drawn”; “dynamite”-carrying Ambien-intoxicated passenger’s laptop covered with pillows by Air Marshals
0:35:08US High Speed Rail Association’s PR agency Hill+Knowlton, JCD on spotting spook Amazon reviews, “High-Speed Rail Is Coming to Hollywood”, Rep. Corrine Brown on being “plussed-up” in budget, new “we’re behind” meme; Rep. John Mica blathers aimlessly; Siemens PR by Ogilvy & Mather
0:49:31Donation Segment: upcoming deconstruction of show episode
1:04:47Cryptococcus gattii fungus in US Northwest, OSS Operation Paperclip to import Nazi scientists, oddballs sent to Chilean Colonia Dignidad run by former Wehrmacht Paul Schäfer, adopted daughter Rebeca and possible Mengele daughter a top gattii researcher, Vancouver Olympics release theory, Nazi symbolism in Olympic rings
1:10:53Sting: “we’re asking for big government”, ACC: “this guy’s a pretentious cock!” (ACCPPotD)
1:13:19JCD on Arizona immigration law: 400 kidnappings per year in Phoenix, “Wild West mess”; Obama: “make them pay a fine”; Rush Limbaugh: send illegals to San Francisco
1:21:45Low-energy McCain on porous border; bill sponsor Russell Pearce lists justifications for bill; conservative “American exceptionalism” meme
1:34:35$240M in counterfeit goods seized across 30 cities, FBI on terrorism funding source
1:36:24Ukraine to allow Russia into Black Sea port, chaos in Parliament, 30% gas discount; secret international energy cabal meeting to hold Europe hostage, price manipulation via “accidents” in Gulf of Mexico, price spike in nine months
1:43:35Jack Cashill on “76 cents on the dollar” Social Security; 60 Minutes propaganda on college students and professors using Adderall, “extremely common”, Provigil plug, “most people are okay with it”, JCD on patent expiring in two years, Nuvigil replacement for SWD shift work disorder, “rediscover wakefulness”; “low T” testosterone ad; female hormone oxytocin from women “divorcing breast milk” injected into men causes them to “become nice”; new premature ejaculation pill Priligy; JCD on outrageous cost of testosterone treatment, “I’m a shadow of who you used to be” ad, JCD takes “low T quiz”, “are you falling asleep after dinner?”, JCD: “I try to!”, “I need to get ‘roids”
1:59:31Sunday show teasers