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194 Blood Trains (2010-04-25)

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0:00:00JCD: (goofy laughter)
0:00:37Troy Rutter Lindsay Lohan Moment jingle by Sir Geoff Smith, “Twitter battle” with father
0:03:22Joy Behar’s Theo van Gogh comment revisited, South Park threats from radical Muslim group founded by Israeli radical Joseph Cohen, media oblivious to Pedobear appearance
0:08:39Producer Segment: PR Associates on Skeptic Zone and
0:15:50“Trains not planes”: Ashmageddon prompts EU “unified skies” initiative, Richard Branson demanding compensation; NPR underwritten by Siemens, “many stranded Europeans were able to get home by train”, “in France, high-speed rail drove air links between most major cities out of business long ago” bullcrap; Iceland finally closes airport; WAAS Wide-Area Augmentation System GPS enhancement satellite projected to “drift out of orbit”; problems for new ATC NextGen computer system; no private aviation for non-elites; train crash physics
0:28:23Dick Morris walks back Reno-Clinton story for Fox & Friends “bombshell”: “facts from my conjecture based on the facts”; Bill Clinton invokes Obama’s Kenya and Islam connections, Eric Cantor threats, “I’m not trying to draw total parallels” with Oklahoma City, “some are serious, some are delirious” rap, “what certain words might to to people who are less stable”
0:41:00Arizona immigrant documentation law in response to crime wave
0:44:01Gordon Brown at British election debates on importance of having people “get off domestic air flights”, David Cameron against third runway at Heathrow in favor of high-speed rail, JCD: “this reeks of a public relations campaign”, Siemens Transportation
0:46:46Obama Zombies author Jason Mattera on McCain’s lame “Pork Invaders” game for young voters; European Commissioner Cecilia Malmström’s “Cleanternet” blocker, ACC: “we have to get rid of child pornography and people who oppose me!”
0:50:52And Now Back to Real News: Liberian President Charles Taylor on “blood diamond” payoff: “I’m supposed to be such a scumbag that people bringing me diamonds in nothing more than a mayonnaise jar”, Mia Farrow on “huge diamond” for Naomi Campbell; ACC: “by the way, the official No Agenda porn star Bobbi Eden just showed up in the chatroom”
0:59:57Donation Segment: ACC on House of Numbers documentary
1:06:14Jack Cashill’s Popes and Bankers; Matthew Crawford’s Shop Class As Soulcraft
1:07:20Australia harming young children with flu vaccines; Cryptococcus gattii “fungus flu” strain
1:10:42CNN reporter at Tu-154 crash site runs down laundry list of causes not including foul play
1:11:30Anti-smoking “vaccine” NicVAX in clinical trials, JCD: “sounds like Chantix in a needle”, 16% effective, class-action Chantix lawsuit; Truvia mystery ingredients, Time: Sweet’n Low causes obesity; FDA: don’t feed bones to dogs, ACC: “maybe the FDA’s in charge of animals”
1:16:38Smedley Butler coup and Wall Street payouts to various Obama administration figures; The Atlantic eight-page “quiet coup” article; Goldman Sachs e-mail “taken out of context” meme
1:25:35ABC: SEC officials “spent more time viewing pornography than investigating Ponzi schemes”, JCD: “this is so much BS, it’s almost hard to believe!” (ACCPPotD/JCDPPotD)
1:33:34UK SpeedSpike system to catch speeders; end-of-show Jack Cashill on subprime mortgages
1:37:28Sigorney Weaver 30% magic numbers, 3D on Playstation 3 update 3.30 with firmware 3.30
1:39:08Times Online on X-37B distraction from Vandenberg “secret weapon” launch, Popular Mechanics Prompt Global Strike; San Francisco softball team harassed for “not being gay enough”
1:46:21Overcaffeinated “dark-haired Obama” lies about car manufacturer loan TARP “repayments”
1:53:00Dutch Piratenpartij getting votes; Matthew Crawford bemoans disappearance of shop class