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193 Goldman Sachs and the Pedo Bear (2010-04-22)

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0:00:00JCD: (falsetto) “Oh, I’m so scared, I don’t wanna believe it’s true!” (1:47:15)
0:00:39JCD’s MIA trains, ACC’s new router; special “The Deuce Club” for Show 200
0:03:14Producer Segment: No Agenda artwork repository proposal; PR Associate work
0:10:28$1800 bill for Micky’s shipping container’s CES Central Examination Station for DHS, unscreened containers from Afghanistan
0:14:23Polish two-to-the-head TU-154 crash videographer stabbed and life support unplugged; Bishop Mieczysław Cieślar killed in car accident after state funeral
0:19:35Ashageddon: NATO exercise Brilliant Ardent; European Parliament: high-speed rail a “priority”, “you can’t buy a train ticket to travel in a civilized way from the North of Europe to the South of Europe”; 9/11 ground stop correlated with temperature rise; high ash fluoride levels, aerial volcano photos and UFO formation; JCD on being novelty in Xiamen China
0:33:09Western Union not accepting money transfers to Haiti; US military planning to be out by June, $732M UN housing complex, Canal Street counterfeit shoes from Brooklyn DA, 30 tons of frozen turkey, CBS on free food destroying local economy, USAID “prepositioning”, JCD: “get in line”, “can of worms”, ACC: “which they can eat!”, gangs stealing food
0:46:26New $100 bill in the works
0:48:00German and Dutch banks dissociating from Goldman Sachs; shifty Obama “categorically” denies knowledge of SEC charges, “we found out about it on CNBC” lie; Bill Clinton: Glass-Steagall “had already been breached”, blames current SEC; Dick Morris on Janet Reno blackmailing Clinton into reappointment over Waco, Limbaugh reading from My Life, Clinton compares Tea Party to Oklahoma City bombers, “our words really do matter”
1:04:21Rachel Maddow The McVeigh Tapes: Confessions of an American Terrorist documentary with sinister soundtrack, “one of the resentments he harbored throughout his entire life: bullies”; Washington Post’s Kathleen Parker compares internet anonymity with terrorism, “we don’t know where to aim our bombs”
1:14:07Donation Segment: donation model for DH Unplugged
1:29:43Rep. Dana Rohrabacher: Burma victim of “Chinese power grab”
1:31:47We Told You So: Institute of Medicine recommends FDA limit salt in processed foods; Lay’s salt crystal shape modification; Jamie Oliver food awareness public service
1:38:14Sigourney Weaver in Washington D.C. “trying to help save planet earth” from “the other CO2 problem” ocean acidification, “30% more acidic”, wild oysters “unable to reproduce”, “we come from seafaring stock, a lot of people”, “we should mention, Sigorney, that the film Avatar which had a very heavy environmental message, is coming out on DVD today”, Weaver “fear and denial”, “everyone around the world is actually aware than our Earth is changing”, “I’ve been reading the science for quite a while now”
1:49:25And Now Back to Real News: ET teaser reveals content of entire show: “did you have sex in Larry King’s bed?”; JCD Robin Hood review: “Gladiator in the woods”
1:52:49Muslims up in arms over South Park Muhammad Pedobear costume; Joy Behar: “Theo van Gogh is the cartoonist in Amsterdam, I believe”, ACC: “you win on this show”