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190 Haiti: Genocide By Neglect (2010-04-11)

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0:00:00ACC: “Stating … Barack Obama is possibly insane.” (JCD laughter) (1:46:52)
0:00:40ACC awakened at 5:00 by “disturbance in the force” with half of Polish government dead
0:02:17Producer Segment; PR
0:06:19Polish Air Force Tu-154 “20-year-old plane” meme, December 2009 overhaul, ACC: Tupolev able to “land on gravel”, “I’d give my left nut to have one of these”, FAR radar assist, reported four landing attempts due to heavy fog, cloud base at 500 meters, short and right of runway, pre-impact explosions; 1943 Władysław Sikorski Gibraltar crash, President and PM “not the biggest of friends”, Lech Kaczyński’s twin brother, unpopular with EU because of Lisbon Treaty foot-dragging, defeated Donald Tusk’s trip to Katyn massacre memorial in Russia; €10bn Nord Stream Pipeline bypassing Poland likened to 1939 Molotov-Ribbentrop pact
0:18:15US Patriot missiles scheduled for delivery; Kyrgyzstan government overthrown, Georgia poised for similar actions; “Bernanke of Poland” killed on TU-154, infighting over IMF obligations and bank profits; ACC: “Georgia’ll be the next to go”; bodies sent to Moscow for autopsy
0:27:26Producer feedback on WikiLeaks Apache video, JCD on CSI “zoom enhance” mythology: “there’s no reporting here”, Mother Jones “Inside WikiLeaks’ Leak Factory” on sketchy Advisory Board with Noam Chomsky; highly editorialized and produced video waste of time
0:40:37WTOP FM Haiti boots on the ground: “the attention span of the press has got to be a little bit longer than it has been so far”, Port-au-Prince amputee ward tent; Letterman subliminal “Haiti” in International Rescue Committee font; WTOP on lack of hospital air conditioning, UN heavy equipment sitting idle, USAID shovels & wheelbarrows, JCD: “genocide by neglect”
0:49:07Lovaza side effects “burping … and change in sense of taste”; ACC on FDA banning “pretty pictures” with “anal leakage” effects; Pristiq creepy wind-up doll ad: “tell you doctor if you have heart disease”, ACC: “just in case you hadn’t noticed”, “thought to work … [on] two chemicals in the brain”; FDA looking into antibacterial triclosan; Monsanto seed price cuts
0:58:07And Now Back to Real News: chloroform in Casey Anthony’s browser history; psychotic seven-year-old adoptee shipped back to Russia, Russian foreign adoption freeze
1:06:43Donation Segment: ACC on need for push notification “bat signal”; Indiana I-69 billboard
1:20:23300 warships off Somali coast, Gulf of Aden Stargate, JCD: “what comes out: fish”
1:24:41Then-Cardinal Ratzinger slaps ABC reporter in 2002 for bringing up Popegate: “inconvenient at this moment to come to me”
1:27:05Qatari “shoe bomber” ATC tape, producer note on DoD making TSA look bad in Boeing deal; friendly TSA at smaller airports, boarding pass scribbling procedure change
1:34:26Pre-earthquake cloud formations; new police phrase “we divorced him from that item”
1:38:41Digital Britain Minister Stephen Timms on finding infringers’ “Intellectual Property address”
1:40:59American citizen Anwar al-Awlaki on Obama hit list, JCD: “Nixon wished he had this”, “affiliate of AQAP”, JCD: “they get ten cents for every link”, “plots” meme, liberals against death penalty, rogue CIA theory; Kremlin report: Sarkozy thinks Obama’s bonkers, “dangerous aliéné”; JCD travel tip: constantly compliment French for “free stuff”
1:49:41States sending out tax refund IOUs, Ohio sheriff: “arm yourselves”
1:51:32Virginia Confederate History Month, JCD on states’ rights issue, instigation by Britain & France over California gold; Don Lemon cuts off black reenactor, JCD on rewritten late-1800s history; Obama: no understanding of Confederacy without understanding slavery, slanted media portrayals of Southerners; Jihad Watch deconstructs New York Times propaganda