Call Clooney!

18 Volvo’s Are Sexy (2008-02-22)

Show 18 album art
0:00:27ACC roll-your-own habit, stairwell meeting space, bubble wrap “gunshot”, JCD story: shooting elephant gun, first use of On the Seventh Day by David Marriott, Jr. as “hold music”, ACC story: at the Dutch Marines’ firing range in Iraq, JCD’s huge bruise; British gun clubs
0:08:49ACC’s latest brush with CBP, M for “match” on another Adam Curry, possibly in Nebraska; luggage cheese trove, aged gouda and Italian parmesan
0:19:24JCD on strange sugar-milk-tea-water ordering, ACC annoyed by people leaving teabag in tea
0:23:08JCD on new podcast setup: “phenomenal lash-up”, ACC on creating end mix in real time
0:27:25JCD on Mevio programmers getting “boisterous” in the afternoon, ACC: Obama check “bundler” Steve Spinner expects Hillary to drop out soon, not amused by Ron Paul VP suggestion
0:37:00JCD on 80-year depression and war cycle; auction credit market and New York Port Authority’s new 20% interest rate, UK’s Northern Rock bank nationalized, FOIA exemption
0:43:31WikiLeaks shut down by judge over Cayman Islands bank leak and reopened in Sweden
0:44:45Listener message on cutting of undersea cables, dead spy satellite shot down, JCD on Iranian bourse cut off completely, NOTAM for area in Pacific, meteorite in Washington
0:52:52Listener on mysterious decline in cotton quality; high-end apparel makers focusing on China; Gold Toe moving to Mexico, listener on socks being beamed out of dryer; ACC: JCD’s Lexus “trash pit on wheels”, JCD on diesel Volvos, ACC on diesel trend in aviation
1:05:08JCD adds fuel to the fire of Leo’s ACC limo joke on Cranky Geeks, radio improv; CVC’s driving test; London CO2 charge, positive climate change impact on German wine
1:13:05On the Seventh Day outro music, “Bubba” Martin notes, “Bubba the Love Sponge”