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189 Krazy Karzai Kums Klean (2010-04-08)

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0:00:00JCD: “And we need a suicide jingle.” (1:37:37)
0:00:34Council on Foreign Relations: Hamid Karzai either nuts or on drugs, “he even threatened to join the Taliban”; fired UN envoy Peter Galbraith: “prone to tirades”, “palace insiders say that he has a certain fondness for some of Afghanistan’s most profitable exports”
0:07:05Producer Segment: University of Wisconsin graffiti wall PR; JCD on avoiding graffiti arrests
0:13:37ACC: Karzai headed for “oops my airplane exploded in the air” event; Geraldo Rivera live in Afghanistan with Marines lined up for Easter steak, “bitter fighting just a few hundred meters from here”, “wonderland of opium” just outside gate; blog post on scaling back “nonessential luxuries” for large bases, Pizza Hut & TGI Friday’s, McDonald’s absent from war profiteering
0:25:312007 Baghdad Apache air strike video decrypted on WikiLeaks; myth of internet shutdown immunity; UK Digital Economy Act vs copyright infringers, Cameron PMship prep
0:38:51ACA §203 “Ready Reserve Corps”; useless, “Americans are struggling to understand how and when the sweeping measures will affect them”, Paul Volcker VAT
0:44:05And Now Back to Real News: fist-pumping Tiger Woods, variety of health issues; two-minute Access Hollywood teaser-fest; HLN’s Joy Behar implying Jesse James is a Nazi
0:49:53United 663 incident with Qatari diplomat, ACC: “he probably took a huge shit in the toilet and lit a match”, Washington D.C. to Denver flight; ACC’s Indonesia earthquake prediction, Obama trip cancelled just in time, Jakarta statue removed; trade and defense ties with China on the rise, Kyrgyzstan and pipelines; Deepak Chopra takes credit for earthquake on Twitter
0:56:03NewsHour incredulous at enthusiasm for local banks, JCD: “take all your money out of these big banks” (JCDPPotD), “futile if feel-good effort to turn back the clock”, Jim Lehrer: “one of the banks Paul mentioned in his report – Bank of America – is a NewsHour underwriter”
1:08:07Donation Segment: enumeration of Minuteman duties for Knights
1:15:49300 naval vessels circling Gulf of Aden “Stargate”, ACC: “they have to decloak at a certain point”, rings of melted ice in Arctic satellite imagery; Time Arctic ice melting hysteria
1:19:14Obama “I love you!”; JCD on Wayne Madsen and Rock Creek Free Press; The Examiner on Obama’s Harvard role: Board of Trustees call “telling them to find him an office, put him on the payroll, and give him a class to teach”; Michele Bachmann angling herself away from Sarah Palin, cheers for possible 2012 presidential run, ACC: “I’m telling ya, this would be the lesbian ticket”; JCD: Tim Pawlenty “looks stupid, and he sounds stupid”
1:31:22JCD on “checklist Republicans”; Nigel Farage on Haiku Herman: “we’re in the presence of a great man today … the modern-day Zeus”, previous ten-year plan “a total and utter crippling failure”, promised British referendum on Lisbon Treaty
1:37:28Chef the latest of four Euro Disney suicides in a month; iPhone maker Foxconn “jumpers”
1:40:46University of Illinois license plate readers storing images and GPS data; new Australian Minister for Population; one-quarter of world prison population in US; IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman on “new global high-wealth operating unit” to “bring people into the tax system” Nuclear Posture Review “safe, secure, and effective nuclear arsenal”
1:51:27Shadow Puppet Theater: Obama Army general counsel appointee on New York Times payroll
1:53:43Natali Del Conte pregnant, JCD: “she’s gonna lose her girlish figure”
1:54:44128-page government chemtrail report; EU report on contrails containing more than water
1:56:11Watergate whistleblower John Dean on stopping Chuck Colson’s proposed Brookings firebombing, ACC: “it’s only gotten worse!”, end-of-show clip on war crimes under Bush 43