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188 Easter Haiku and iPads For You (2010-04-04)

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0:00:00JCD: “There’ll be a porn vaccine.” (2:01:53)
0:00:39ACC’s jingle iPad; Robert Scoble & Steve Wozniak in line for iPads on TWiT; Happy Easter, JCD: “it’s one of the first times it’s actually been on a Sunday”; JCD’s birthday on the fifth
0:07:33Producer Segment: “NA20” Amsterdam meetup
0:15:13Reuters’ Jim Bourg timeline of Obama’s secretive Afghanistan visit, 30-second photo window; two Obamas on two Air Force Ones and China meeting theory; Obama’s dusty suit with helicopter strap print, internet outages; Geithner delays Chinese currency manipulation report
0:20:45FCC National Broadband Plan recommends “digital public media”
0:23:17San Francisco Chronicle nature writer Tom Stienstra busted for growing pot in Weed CA
0:26:05Two Letterman commercial break subliminal “Haiti”; Clinton’s 60k tents MIA, UN rapid reaction force planning, disappearing 9/11 hurricane; tent program, KTLA actress “don’t get me started”, ACCPPotD jingle; JCD headed to New Orleans in May
0:35:02FAA thumbs-up for pilots on antidepressants to “improve airline safety”; 2008 British Airways 38 Boeing 777 broken throttle crash at Heathrow, pilot thrown under bus and now on welfare
0:39:01Al-Qaeda executing Baghdad Sunni “awakening councils”; “Jihad Jamie” Paulin-Ramirez “plotting to attend a terror camp”, JCD: “I’m plotting to go to New Orleans in May”; Tiger Woods mistresses in Vanity Fair; Saudi Arabia backs down on beheading Lebanese “sorcerer”
0:47:44Sarkozy speech at Columbia: France should have been apprised of Lehman Brothers action in name of “solidarity and interdependence”; book of poems forthcoming from “Haiku Herman” Van Rompuy, three waves / rolling to port together / the trio is home; Sarkozy resurrects Trilateral Commission, “my ambition is to fast-track this one when France is in the presidency of the G20 and the G8”, “new international world monetary system”; Sarkozy-Obama superhero running photo; French workers threatening to blow up car rug factory
1:01:02John Bolton on Von Rompuy’s inaugural address “which I’m sure you all read”, “first year of global governance” and Obama’s modern views on American sovereignty
1:03:28Donation Segment:, bathroom stall graffiti
1:20:52“Law of the land” meme in football and Medicare; Rep. Phil Hare on ACA: “I don’t worry about the Constitution on this”; Obama victory lap, sketchy $1T in two decades prediction
1:25:38EPA go-ahead to kick off carbon taxes
1:27:28Shadow Puppet Theater: Meg Whitman $3M “spinning” fine, JCD: Jerry Brown “a dingbat”
1:29:11Bizarre Australian HAARP images, ACC: “radar interference doesn’t necessarily look like ninja stars!”; JCD on value of Google Street View cars, sabotaged by Germans
1:34:33Janet Napolitano announces new security measures, “look what we found” bags of drugs, naked body scanner spec requires image storage, “3D imaging”; producer note on CAS Covenant Aviation Security subcontractor badges, president FAA insider with DoD secret clearance
1:42:23Bill Donohue to Larry King on Popegate: “it’s already gotten better”, church “model of excellence”, to Sinead O’Connor: “vast majority of the victims are post-pubescent, that’s not pedophilia, buddy, that’s homosexuality!”; 20k pages of Boy Scouts “perversion files”
1:49:37Printer spying April Fools’ joke; Al-Haramain v. Bush warrantless wiretap win
1:51:39John Bolton sovereignty end-of-show clip; NAEP and No Child Left Behind; “Teabonics” Tea Party signage; Obama “Health Reform BFD” merch; WSJ on Pepsi “secret new designer salt”
1:59:34Goldman Sachs predicts commodities volatility; Witherspoon “social costs of pornography”; The Internet is for Porn song; body piercing as warning of Russian roulette behavior