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186 Just Give Us Your Cash (2010-03-28)

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0:00:00JCD: “I’m an amusing typer!”
0:00:34Dah-vor-ak!”, “I get no spam!” oddities
0:01:18Producer Segment: producer bona fides in e-mail signatures; Geoff Smith birthday jingle
0:08:28Dismal prospects for green technology jobs in California, 80% of $2bn in stimulus money for foreign wind turbine manufacturers; female vitriol for Jesse James and Tiger Woods
0:15:12Earth Hour “rolling blackout” promo; Russia reduces number of time zones to nine
0:18:39“Popegate”, Vatican Bank under money laundering investigation, $1.3bn insurance lawsuit
0:20:34Philadelphia flash mob violence, police commissioner: “stop the stupidity, cut it out”
0:26:28Oral sex linked to “head cancer”, University of Washington producer note on school paper half-page Gardasil ad sponsored by Merck, ACC: download CEO PowerPoint decks; producer note on vaccine for rotavirus vaccine contaminant porcine circovirus on PubMed; Mayo Clinic researcher to Dr. Kiki Sanford: H1N1 “very lethal” for pregnant women, “convalescent serum”, “interestingly enough, we had a teleconference about this yesterday!”, new meme: vaccine technology “hard to communicate to the public”, throat-clearing tell, infertility agent for minorities conspiracy theory “crazy thinking”, “a lot of the public are innumerates”
0:39:44Family of Secrets, US troops helping with opium harvest, George H.W. “Poppy” Bush
0:41:44Frontline on hydraulic fracturing for natural gas causing flammable water in Pennsylvania, ACC: “I thought the fluoride was bad!”, “in order to frack, you need some fracking fluid”, Chuck Schumer and New York water supply
0:49:44San Francisco dingbat on “really awesome” Food Wars events: “we have had a mac & cheese battle”; LA Times on mass NPR defections over pledge drives and swapping in BBC news
0:55:48Donation Segment
1:02:16Geraldo Rivera anti-marijuana “gem of propaganda”, pre-Geraldo Narcotics Officers Association clip, “rowdiness” near dispensaries, $1.5bn revenue estimate, snide Rivera “chocolate brownies” comment, Nancy Pelosi’s “extremely creepy” daughter: “I’m very skeptical about it”, JCD on motivational speaker Rorschach trick and preconditioning cop clip (JCDPPotD); ACC on NOS psychoses and “spice” synthetic; producer note on Lyrica side effects
1:16:43Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush on “cash” for Sri Lanka tsunami relief, MIA, morphed into with Jon Bon Jovi
1:22:32And Now Back to Real News: New York Times Magazine on Tiger Woods’ impact on bank-financed golf events, Viacom making more money on hooker stories than on golf, ACC on Michael Jackson parallel, Jesse James PR; producers using No Agenda as primary news source
1:27:19Possible two-to-the-head in murder-suicide case of Georgia Sen. Nancy Schaefer and husband Bruce, 2007 document “The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services”, FBI: husband shot himself in the chest; Abu Dhabi Investment Authority director Sheikh Ahmed bin Zayed Al Nahyan missing after glider crash in Moroccan lake
1:33:49France and Germany calling for “economic government governance” from European Council; G20 poised to take charge of fighting climate change
1:36:40We Told You So: Energy Star certification for bogus devices such as gas-powered alarm clock
1:38:07War on raw milk; food and nanotechnology; Monsanto corn attacked by western bean cutworm
1:42:03South Korean Navy Cheonan sinking, flock of birds salvo; RAF scrambled over Russian planes
1:44:19Cisco police state “new community” ad; Tesla sponsoring NPR
1:50:24Outro: end-of-show clip with Mary Landrieu on McCain “sweetheart deal” amendment