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185 VATBS vs AQAP (2010-03-25)

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0:00:00ACC: “Oh no, I’m sorry, it’s not a Lindsay Lohan promo, John, sorry!” (1:39:49)
0:00:38Joel Spolsky mentions No Agenda on his podcast; new Firefox version with “personas”; “ask me about HAARP” Zazzle coffee mug, JCD: “this is the mob’s model, by the way”; Joe Biden “big fuckin’ deal”; JCD proposes No Agenda Firefox persona, SSID name
0:08:19Producer Segment: “hit people in the mouth” segment outro
0:10:15“Accidental” naked body scan of female coworker at Heathrow; no network bandwidth for naked body scanners at Schiphol, baggage tag RFID chips, Roger McGuinn’s smashed guitar
0:15:45Obama announces Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act passage a second time at Department of Interior, “law of the land” meme, Constitution “supreme law of the land”; Charles Krauthammer predicts national sales tax “river of revenue”, European per-transaction VAT,, UK vs Netherlands cost of living; 4% San Francisco health tax to linger, ACC on outrageous car rental taxes and tipping on pre-tax bill
0:31:03University of California considering three-year degrees to cut costs increase revenue; death threats for Rep. Bart Stupak over ACA vote, no interviews with new insurees; John Dingell on “necessary administrative steps … to put the legislation together to control the people”
0:40:23San Francisco deploys horses and helicopter to track down Alzheimer’s patient Bing Lee, RFID promotion; BBC 4 exposé on Parliament pay-for-access
0:47:24AQAP Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, PBS NewsHour sends Margaret Warner to Yemen, 113 militants arrested by Saudi Arabia, JCD on cleanup for tourism
0:52:25George W. Bush & Bill Clinton in Haiti, $3M payout from Clinton Foundation to other NGOs, UN $11.4bn rebuilding plan, “new Dubai”, Bush wipes hand on Clinton’s shirt
0:57:57Climategate: disputed Bay of Bengal New Moore island submerged, no mention of 1971 emergence; WWF selling $60bn in carbon credits, set up along with Bilderberg Group by Dutch Prince Bernhard; American Express ad with anti-dam environmentalist Yvon Chouinard
1:10:09Donation Segment: “Aric the Shill” handling donation spreadsheets
1:23:08Large Hadron Collider to be fired up for 7 TeV test ACC: “six-billion-dollar wheel of fortune”
1:24:58Toxic airliner fumes from Rolls-Royce engines; Democracy Now on $46M fine for cadmium and lead from Indian Coca-Cola bottling plant
1:30:30Dutch “Pink Army” outrage over Gen. John Sheahan blaming gay soldiers for Srebrenica
1:33:18And Now Back To Real News: unbearable Extra teasers; Gordon Brown “wrong, wrong, wrong!” litany for conservatives, ordered to release information on decision to sell gold reserves as Chancellor of the Exchequer to bail out J.P. Morgan and AIG
1:40:36Chantix ad: 44% effective, “support system”, ACC: “stop taking it and light up a cigarette”; producer note on teens with marijuana-induced psychosis NOS “not otherwise specified”, PCP-laced weed and Rodney King; rotavirus vaccine Rotarix contaminated with porcine circovirus 1 DNA, Baxter International callback; free vaccines via ACA, new Merck vaccine plant in Pittsburgh; The Telegraph on arachnophobia vaccine; GMO vaccine-spreading mosquitoes
1:51:21“Same healthcare as Congress” meme, “Congressional staff” definition excluding Congress
1:57:09Charles Krauthammer on insurance companies as regulated utilities; David Axelrod fumbles public option; Anthony Weiner won’t admit to Bill O’Reilly that IRS will be doing collection
2:01:38Lyrica fibromyalgia drug ad “suicidal thoughts or actions”; House of Numbers: Anatomy of an Epidemic documentary; JCD “wow!” for Family of Secrets, danger of pedophile reporting
2:13:41UK law allowing pregnant women to urinate in policeman’s hat confirmed