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184 All Your DNA [sic]Belong To Us (2010-03-21)

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0:00:00JCD: “That is about as lame as anything I’ve ever seen on the internet, coming from a government site.” (1:30:48)
0:00:38ACC’s new word “matutinal”, return of Daily Source Code, “all these shows take time to prepare, even if you’re just playing records”, ACC on visiting Tuff Gong records, brittle 78s
0:04:56Producer Segment: ACC’s attempt to watch ad-saturated Traffic
0:12:06Proposed SSID name, “in the morning” password
0:15:41Law & Order bad acting: “words on the internet have consequences!”, “he was getting messages from the devil”, JCD: “I love this stuff!”, evil webmaster Rob Corddry
0:20:55Papal letter addressing sexual abuse, “problem of child abuse in peculiar neither to Ireland nor to the Church”, “great damage has been done to the Church”; abuse victim on Ryan Commission judge changes, “they brought a man over from Rome … to tell me I was telling lies”; Aangirfan blog post on Boy’s Town, press forbidden to publish Tony Blair story
0:32:46Obama to America’s Most Wanted on using federal funds to set up state DNA databases, all-in on “on arrest” DNA collection, “this is where the national registry becomes so important”; JCD on Progressive Corporation’s genius data wrangling, potential for “I have nothing to hide” crowd getting a clue
0:44:29Healthcare bill shifting preexisting condition denial to outrageous premiums, JCD on MIA tort reform; Rep. Don Young reads from “1200 pages of gobbledygook”; 16k new IRS agents
0:53:11Donation Segment: Round Table mutton; advertising research and MTV “art of the tease”
1:12:38Dvorak Uncensored banned regionally due to name, danger of citing pedophilia in shownotes; EU Observer on Brussels Press Corps membership decline and EU press kits
1:17:21New York Times on US military’s “blind eye” to opium in Marjah, “main livelihood”, 50+% of supply from Helmand Province, $10M Good Performers Initiative grant from US
1:22:38Austrian Innsbruck University professor Claudia von Werlhof proposes Haiti Earthquake caused by HAARP; small Eyjafjallajökull volcano eruption in Iceland, 5.6 quake near Gitmo; CBS on Alaska earthquake 15-year cycle, March 24 magnitude 9.0 exercise, Alaska Tsunami Information Center lame “virtual earthquake”; Obama on Mary Landrieu “Louisiana Purchase” and “Hawaii” earthquake; Red Cross: $175M Haiti surplus “used to prepare for and serve victims of other disasters”, JCD: “I have heard that comment for over 25 years”; Bush White House urged immunity for Pope Benedict XVI in pedophilia cover-up
1:35:02Bill Maher completely ignorant of Oxfam’s existence; echoing Sarah Palin on Sean Hannity
1:38:14Drunk Joe Biden standup at Radio and Television Correspondents’ Dinner; Obama on his “Irish lineage”; Jackie Speier’s plea to name DMV office for community organizer employee for end-of-show; Rachel Maddow cackles maniacally at EPA waterway grab “conspiracy theory”, “Barack Obama wants to stop you from fishing!”, NOAA’s Jane Lubchenco: “we are not proposing any blanket ban on recreational fishing”; National Forest Service spy cameras
1:55:43Brian Williams on LAX shutdown over “liquid medication”, bogus “chalk outline” meme, JCD predicts TSA class-action lawsuit over irradiation; Janet Napolitano promises border drones
2:01:18IMF bailout in Greece’s future; Federal Reserve ordered by judge to disclose $2T recipients, overseas banks in Clearinghouse Association opposed to disclosure, Bernanke “no reserve” policy for retail banks; $600bn “rally”
2:09:40Gen. John Sheahan to Senate committee: gay soldiers in the Dutch military responsible for Srebrenica massacre; ACC aiming to interview Family of Secrets author Russ Baker