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183 Porn In The Morn’ (2010-03-18)

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0:00:00JCD: “When do I get to do a pet peeve?” (0:56:50)
0:00:38JCD stepping on ACC’s intro to beat latency, ACC: “why don’t you just admit that you’re drunk?”; JCD on jingles as transition tools, DJ locking himself out of studio story
0:03:18Producer Segment: Spongberg Ltd; ACC’s radio archive digitization
0:09:32NTSB’s CD of information on Northwest Airlines 188 overshoot, flight attendant statement, reminders to pilots, unusual San Diego crew change, “different route” to Minneapolis, bathroom break at 8:10, JCD crotch bomber “trial run” theory, ACC on “accidental” CVR erasure
0:18:40French SNCF rail company website accidentally declares 102 killed in explosion as part of “training exercise”, ACC on BBC announcing WTC 7 collapse 20 minutes before the fact
0:21:56Timothy Geithner lies to Rachel Maddow: “every job I’ve had in life, since I came out of graduate school, in effect has been working as a public servant in government”, vs Federal Reserve Bank of New York job, ACC: “you’re an MKULTRA slave, Rachel Maddow!”
0:27:58Honda recalls 410k vehicles for brake problem; vehicle black box bill; former Austin dealership employee remotely disabling vehicles, PayTeck online tools; ex post facto speeding tickets, San Francisco police license plate scanners, pacemakers and “total enchipment”, converting flash camera to fry RFID chips, Masonic cheek swabs, 90-day FBI DNA analysis delay
0:40:22ACC recommends Cory Doctorow short story When Sysadmins Ruled the Earth; The IT Crowd copyright warning parody; urban legend: pregnant women in UK peeing in police helmets
0:44:41S.3081 Enemy Belligerent Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act sponsored by McCain
0:49:44Dick Morris to Sean Hannity on Democrats free to vote against healthcare “done deal”, JCD on bill “rigged not to pass”, Dennis Kucinich “bribe” meme
1:00:15Earthquakes in Los Angeles and off Japanese coast, Richter Scale replaced by Moment Magnitude Scale, ACC’s sister Willow’s health and welfare check from Italy
1:07:35Amy Holmes argues climate change with Bill Maher over Logic Pro laugh track, similar example with Richard Dawkins, ACC: “it’s basically a sitcom, the thing is completely fake”
1:15:11Barroso: EU “first non-imperial empire”; Apology of an Economic Hit Man documentary
1:17:33Bill O’Reilly on Massachusetts eighth-grade girl’s naked selfie sold by boyfriend; alarm bells over CVC baby picture, JCD on bearskin rug and “porn” redefinition, Ch√Ęteau Mouton Rothschild label; ACC: no mention of atrocities against Canadian aboriginal children in boarding schools, Milly Boele murder; child molesting teacher let off by UK judge in “troublesome case”
1:31:17And Now Back to Real News: MTV Real Life porn addicts, ACC predicts vaccine
1:40:04Donation Segment: effectiveness of jobs karma
1:51:44Producer note on generals’ uniforms and Army Regulation 670-1; ACC rant on illegal undeclared wars, “you are there for poppies!”, suicide rates and pain medication (ACCPPotD); CNN audio of Anwar al-Awlaki, Eric Holder to Congress: bin Laden will never be taken alive
2:01:25$75M in psychiatric drugs stolen from Eli Lilly, mob connection; Mevio engineer and Ritalin
2:04:17Pentagon and Las Vegas shooting weapons sold by Memphis police
2:06:09Ashoka Global school recess “coaches”, Big Brother “homophobic remark” interventions, “every child must master applied empathy”, “tools”, founder Bill Drayton of Arlington VA, Soros money; Ashoka “social entrepreneurs” sales pitch, ACC: “this sounds like Nazi propaganda!”, “as community grows, change accelerates”; JCD on brain-scrambling indoctrination and rambling speech patterns, “you are not alone” poem, ACC: “we’re, like, antisocial entrepreneurs”
2:25:58Outro: PHP 5.2 “disappearing page” bug triggered by pages 33,333 characters in length