Call Clooney!

182 Magnets In Space (2010-03-14)

Show 182 album art
0:00:00JCD: “Magnets in space!” (1:36:19)
0:00:37Daylight Saving Time begins, JCD: “everything is already programmed for you, you slaves!*”
0:03:08Producer Segment: Knight oath
0:13:48“Jihad Jamie” Paulin-Ramirez; McCain-Lieberman “throw ‘em in the clink” bill; JPR “ugly Mia Farrow”, photos of “seized” Arabic keyboard; subtle anti-internet meme, Garry Reid blames internet for crotch bomber: “extremists have optimized the use of internet chatrooms”; ACC on TSA post-checkpoint liquid spot-checks, producer “this is my bag right now” note
0:23:42ABC 20/20 infomercial for schizophrenia medication Saphris; Carlat Psychiatry Blog on Schering-Plough Saphris Speaker Bureau’s yearly cap at $170k
0:32:49Dropped subscriptions and Geert Wilders
0:34:06ACC: Yahoo best place for car shopping, $10k Range Rover, JCD: “too bad it’s British”
0:42:10Rod Blagojevich reading Letterman Top Ten for end of show; “Blago” on Geraldo with visibly frustrated Jesse Ventura: demand for airing of taped conversations denied by government
0:48:07Liberal “Coffee Party” activist with one-third Hitler mustache
0:52:21We Told You So: Show 181 Prius story exposed; Time Tom Hanks cover with The Pacific ad, Spielberg & Hanks screening at White House; $130M loan from Japan to get out of Okinawa; NHTSA all-in on car black boxes; stray power line EMF theories; March 10 HAARP “blip”
1:01:51Schools divesting of teachers phenomenon; NYC teacher on underperforming public schools given away to for-profit charter schools, JCD on endemic fraud, sketchy teacher unions
1:08:38Guess Who: Al Franken sound-alike Glenn Thompson; UKIP’s Gerard Batten to European Parliament: Baroness Ashton “described by MI5 as a communist sympathizer”
1:14:10Donation Segment: Minutemen “Green Patch Brigade”
1:31:17UK Parliament ministers: cocaine use increasing global warming, US songbirds getting smaller
1:34:13$2bn Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer AMS-02 bound for ISS, $33M AMS-01
1:38:06Reuters CEO Thomas Glocer’s roles with Merck, CFR, and World Economic Forum; Deputy Chairman Geoffrey Beattie on Royal Bank of Canada and GE boards; economic journalists outsourced to Bangalore in 2004; “cap and trade” rebranded “pollution reduction targets”
1:43:33“Slaughter solution” to pass a bill that says that Senate healthcare bill passed
1:47:49Haitian President René Préval presents “The Plan” to Obama: $14bn for “permanently relocating at least half a million refugees to suburbs” from GFDRR Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery; half of UN food aid to Somalia being diverted by “corrupt contractors, radical Islamic militants, and local UN workers”
1:52:38And Now Back to Real News: Lindsay Lohan $100M E-Trade lawsuit over “milkaholic” ad, father to Guilfoyle: time to “stop these people and companies from using them”; prostitution ring and G8 summit contracts in Italy; 50 cases of Catholic Church child abuse in Munich
1:58:59New meme: “law of the land” for federal abortion funding and Federal Reserve
2:01:18Numb3rs bad acting: “you are a weapon for what’s right!”, pitch black sets
2:04:34New York Federal Reserve knew Lehman was cooking the books, “air in the marks” bogus valuations; JCD on CNBC mockery for author predicting collapse
2:07:50New book on CIA testing LSD-laced bread in France; two more UK heroin users with anthrax
2:09:47Europe’s original opposition to GMO stymied by Brussels; JCD’s Google lunch with non-HFCS soda machine; American Beverage Association ad on removing school “full-calorie beverages”
2:15:55Hacker attacks TSA database; Florida cop: suspected domestic terrorists not on watch lists