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181 Jihad Jane Rides Again (2010-03-11)

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0:00:00ACC: “I’m waitin’, I’m like, I want you to touch my crotch, big bad boy.” (1:12:19)
0:00:39ACC up late due to jet lag and Chinese crap universal charger tweeting gibberish
0:05:28Producer Segment: $270 from; ACC’s 1988 Rolls-Royce lease, Car Talk
0:13:35ACC on Pim Fortuyn’s assassination, Glenn Beck calls Geert Wilders a fascist, Bret Baier on “anti-Muslim rhetoric”, ACC on Dutch government padding working population from Morocco and elsewhere, smash & grab victim Ms. Micky, “the number one boy’s name is Mohammad”, Theo van Gogh “machine-gunned down, they stuck a knife in his chest, in his heart with a note on it, in the middle the day, in Amsterdam in the street” (call for ACCPPotD jingle)
0:28:24JCD on Ontario Spring Bear Hunt ended by animal activists, NOAA planning out fishing access, sneaky Second Amendment erosion, Ducks Unlimited conservation; Daily Source Code restart; quotes for high school PR Associate Daniel Wheaton; ACC: “people are going to call me Hitler, people are going to call you Goebbels”, JCD on US WWI propaganda superiority, British blamed for Civil War role
0:41:41Prius 911 tape released a day after Toyota claims inability to reproduce problem, “what’s going on, is your accelerator stuck?”, “okay what’s your name?”, lottery winner Jim Sikes driving; ACC’s Rolls pulled over for emergency brake hangup: “your car is on fire”, “sir, I need your phone number” at 81 mph; JCD all-in on Lexus
0:50:00Reuters & AP backgrounder, Colleen LaRose “Jihad Jane”, Reuters triptych with different-color eyes, no mention of mosque or conversion date; “shatters any lingering thought that we can spot a terrorist based on appearance” meme attributed to both Attorney General Michael Levy and Assistant Attorney General David Kris; AP brings in head-scratching boyfriend; JCD honeypot theory to pick up Yemenis in Ireland
1:05:21JCD on NYT’s Charlie Savage’s seminal story run on both March 9 & 10, same story pulled on March 3 & 4 to make room for Eric Massa harassment complaint, LaRose indictment dated March 4; Patrick Kennedy screeches “three billion dollars, a thousand lives, and no press??
1:11:47ACC on no naked body scanners or crotch-grabbing at Schiphol, RFID tag in previous trip
1:15:00UKIP’s William Dartmouth to European Parliament on “appointment of the¬†supremely unqualified Baroness Ashton, the Sarah Palin of the ex-student left”, cut off by chair Diana Wallis; the hideous Baroness Ashton; Star Trek nerd takes exception to “Starfleet Command”
1:20:48Donation Segment: Black Knights; DoD succession Executive Order; JCD LIFO
1:50:34Earthquake in Turkey day after House of Representatives recognizes 1915 Armenian genocide, Iran “shot across the bow”, gasoline supply cut off by Royal Dutch Shell
1:54:30US Trade Representative Ron Kirk’s hallucination-inducing Asia-Pacific drone
1:58:01The Onion “an attractive witness described the event in breathless terms”
2:00:01Guess Who: “we need to govern this planet” by Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou
2:04:34New York State Assembly Bill A10129: “no owner or operator of a restaurant ‚Ķ shall use salt in any form in the preparation of any food” at $1k per infraction, ACC: Codex Alimentarius
2:07:22Remington 870 shotguns for Department of Education
2:08:30Large Hadron Collider to shut down, baguette-toting bird from the future; Voluntary Human Extinction Movement; sketchy Supreme Master TV’s Ching Hai
2:13:52We Told You So on No Agenda: Northrop Grumman out of EADS supertanker race from Show 19 with Boeing still in the running
2:16:28Afghan red spinels, November 2000 demand for return of part of British Crown Jewels