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180 Media Corruption Now in 3D (2010-03-07)

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0:00:00JCD: “Ehh.” (0:09:57)
0:00:35JCD’s password compromised; Ms. Micky taken in by bogus brain cancer victim
0:08:56Producer Segment: vegan Knight
0:16:11ACC on fashionably depressed British, crickets for Gordon Brown Iraq trial or Climategate inquiry; CVC ignorant of crotch bomber, naked body scanners at Schiphol; ACC pans 3D Alice in Wonderland, JCD: Depp as Robert Benchley; UK 3D television, JCD on notch filter technology, ACC: “like looking through a Viewmaster”, “the Red Queen: Jennifer Cooper”
0:30:00Distraction of the Week: Pentagon shooter John Patrick Bedell, parents warning police and mental illness memes; Geraldo tease: “the truth about the 9/11 truther”; obsessed with Col. James Sabow two-to-the-head, doctor brother targeted by DEA; ABC mentions marijuana four times, JCD in danger because “the inside of the vehicle was in disarray”; pot currency
0:45:29Bedell all-in on 1963 CIA takeover, ACC on Family of Secrets and Bush 41 “the one guy in America who does not remember where he was the day President Kennedy was assassinated” – who was in Dallas; “When Raw Anger at Government Turns Violent” article by Eileen Sullivan and added author Calvin Woodward; ACC family stuff for dinner, JCD: “Dvorak was carried off in handcuffs for shooting his over a fight, over a woman”
0:51:05Geraldo: Bedell “a manic depressive pothead fascinated with conspiracy theories involving 9/11”, Alex Jones on 9/11 story trotted out within the hour, news babe Kimberly Guilfoyle: “you’re making some very serious allegations against the US government”; new Artists & Engineers for 9/11 Truth video; San Jose State meme; Wikipedia scrubbed
0:59:43Abandoned stub Yochi Dreazen bio: “dorm room vaguely resembles a brothel”, “Big Yoch”
1:03:29John Avalon to Anderson Cooper: 9/11 & JFK “clearly a guy who’s very mentally disturbed”
1:05:18Donation Segment: high school PR Associate in the works, No Agenda Minutemen
1:17:25Bedell looking into Inslaw Promis database case and murder of journalist Danny Casolaro
1:18:17Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols and Global Security Fund in escrow for Bush-Clinton syndicate and CIA, Hillary “The Witch”, Ashley Mote to European Parliament: fund “being used for geopolitical engineering purposes, apparently under the guidance of the intelligence services”, ACC: “he’ll be expecting an invite from the Pentagon any day now”, Nazi Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst, destruction of Deutsche Bank documents in Iron Mountain fire
1:31:04“Petraeus clone” Gen. William Caldwell on “instructing and advising”, “dual-hatted” with CSTCA “see-sticka” Combined Security Transition Command Afghanistan “ministerial development”, budget “just under one billion US dollars per month”; Dennis Kucinich: “money for war, but no money for education”; Privileged Resolution to end nonexistent war
1:39:38JCD on “faggy” Army uniforms reminiscent of Michael Douglas in Falling Down; Gen. Lawrence Nicholson on pro-US Taliban leaders and lack of government police in Marjah
1:46:50And Now Back to Real News: Weight Watchers seal of approval for Chicken McNuggets in New Zealand; Swiss condom manufacturer creates Hot Shot brand for twelve-year-old boys
1:48:56Latest Bill Gates TED talk on CO2 production: “somehow we need to make changes that will bring that down to zero”, population control via “new vaccines”
1:52:04James Bulger murderer thrown back in prison; high-ranking officials and Madeline McCann
1:54:29DH Unplugged on Greek scam, retirement at 67; Meg Whitman attack ad on Steve Poizner; Jerry Brown: “I’ve been in Japan studying Zen”; Bob Geldof livid over fate of Live Aid money
1:59:32JCD on 1994 lobbying rules killing cordiality in Washington; highlights for next show