Call Clooney!

17 Gold Toe Socks (2008-02-15)

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0:00:32Do-over due to being on “the cutting edge of technology”, Firefox 3 irritations
0:03:132.5bn SMS messages sent on Valentine’s Day, ACC at Dancing With the Start arena tour, JCD on learning to dance in school; Dennis Miller’s political orientation
0:07:34JCD’s visit to Manhattan Century 21, cashmere Gold Toe socks, made in North Carolina, box of orphan socks; Marks & Spencer “Marks & Sparks” underwear and wool T-shirts; ACC story: Gillette marketing officer “we never, ever, ever, talk about how long our blades last”
0:19:23Slovenian listener on Ljubljana fast food joint “Hot Horse”, JCD “hot whores”, JCD on chickens running around in Slovenia, high-quality pastries; JCD recommends Croatia, ACC considering Turkey, JCD on persistent rug vendors; ACC’s upcoming US re-entry
0:26:25Technical difficulties with recently-updated Mac; upcoming Cranky Geeks with ACC & Leo
0:35:36Mobile World Congress, Motorola “rudderless ship”, car radio origin, StarTAC & MicroTAC, iPhone antenna woes, Andrew Orlowski article on 1995 Nokia model features, Comic Strip Blogger’s Orlowski biography, “The Register is a dirty tabloid”
0:43:47Danish ISP refuses to block Pirate Bay; British “three strikes” bill, JCD on cricket: “I think they make the rules up as they go along”, JCD does Indian and “talking through teeth” executive Texan accents, ACC all-in on Desi music, CVC’s accent talents; obscure Australian mogul Kerry Packer, Google game show idea, ACC: “you should send them a card”, JCD archiving Leno’s Jaywalking segments, “Google showdown”, minus filtering