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179 Douchebags (2010-03-04)

Show 179 album art
0:00:00JCD: (falsetto)Fabulous!!” (0:07:42)
0:00:37Show 177’s significant latency, ACC’s Airport Express in Netherlands
0:02:49Producer Segment: $333.33 EP level; PR Associate & Palin “in the morning”
0:23:51Distraction of the Week: obscure airline pilot flying on expired license; kid directs air traffic at JFK, “this is what you get, guys, when the kids are out of school”; JCD on stories about kids getting high on parents’ legal marijuana brownies to derail California legalization
0:31:22PNHP Physicians for a National Health Program; Plato on slave vs free doctors: “the slave doctor prescribes what mere experience suggests”; This American Life 391 “More Is Less” on patient’s father demanding unnecessary CAT scan, “I’ll get paid more if I do the CAT scan”
0:41:00Producer note on acquisition of
0:43:04Law & Order: SVU Christian nut-job: “God put me on this earth to fight Satan’s grip on these girls’ souls!”; Geert Wilders’ proposed “rag tax”, Catholics compared with Muslims; Law & Order LGBTQIA meme, “A is for ally so you can count us in”, JCD: “what is queer?”, “I don’t think the gay community … likes to deal with hermaphrodites” (JCDPPotD)
0:57:33Breaking News: “monstrous” waves cause chaos on Mediterranean cruise ship; 6.4 magnitude earthquake in southern Taiwan, ACC on Chinese earthquake machine’s “bad standing wave ratio”, day shortened by Chile earthquake; 1997 DoD news briefing by William S. Cohen on “ethnic specific” pathogen, “set off earthquakes” terrorism; CNN’s Rick Sanchez on tsunami-detecting buoys: “by the way, nine meters in English is?”
1:06:56Bob Geldof irked over CIA report of $63M in Live Aid money used to buy weapons; SOS: Help For Haiti “Save Our Selves” subtitle
1:10:06Donation Segment: $55.10 “Double Nickels on the Dime”; “douchebag” callouts galore
1:23:14Rev. Manning on Obama the rogue CIA operative; ACC researching Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols connection with Bush-Clinton crime syndicate and Bernie Madoff; tungsten gold discovered at W.C. Heraeus foundry in Germany
1:32:49NYPD cop resigns over being required to issue useless citations
1:33:44David Icke article Paedophilia and Satanism … The Fabric of the Web, Dunblane massacre evidence sealed for 100 years by Tony Blair; Lockerbie bombing and rogue CIA drug smugglers; ACTA “save the children” censorship
1:43:05BBC quotes Merkel saying Greece should “consider selling some of their islands”, Goldman Sachs helping countries bet against euro, Iceland on brink of ownership by UK & Netherlands
1:45:23We Told You So on No Agenda: Nissan “other shoe” recall, Taiwan hit with earthquake after arms deal with US; copper price after Chile earthquake $3.33 per pound, 30 casualties in Iraq suicide bombing, JCD on magic number codes for CIA field agents
1:48:25European Commission “Starfleet Command” rubber-stamps BASF Amflora GMO potato; Nigel Farage on €2980 fine for “charisma of a damp rag” comment of Herman Van Rompuy: “free speech in the European Parliament is very expensive”; Farage on nine-month lack of government in Belgium, JCD on California driving Central Valley farmers out of business
1:59:43200k contractors and 180k employees working for DHS; Lance Corporal Josh Birchfield killed in Afghanistan by mercenaries high on opium; JCD on David Petraeus’ self-designed uniform: “he looks like two-bit general in Ecuador”, Charlie Rose’s repeated “begin” NLP on drawdown, “set a date” talking point, 9/11 “planned in Kandahar” bullcrap, “hall monitor” badge
2:13:21Outro: end-of-show Jay Leno Sarah Palin stand-up clip