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178 HAARP-ing on Earthquakes (2010-02-28)

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0:00:00ACC: “Shut up, man, there are definitely regulations in England and the Netherlands for what the insurance companies can do!” (1:53:00)
0:00:42Chile earthquake tsunami watch for Strait of Juan de Fuca, CNN “dipshit” asks “what is meters in English?”; Fox News dingbat: restaurant video from “local TV station there, CCTV”, full restaurant and sunny skies at 3:30 am; dinner plans with Victoria RecaƱo in no danger
0:08:42Producer Segment
0:16:45CNN bathtub analogy, tsunami vs tidal wave, ACC’s mother’s bathtub check; breathless Fox dingbat “twenty hours later!”; logarithmic Richter scale; Chile “infinitely more prepared” than Haiti on crawler; 7.3 magnitude Okinawa quake two hours earlier, disruption to Chile-China copper mining deal, ACC’s HAARP theory, Cecilia Lagos to MSNBC: “I was seeing the sky changing colors, and it was really sort of a Apocalypse Now thing”
0:31:44Argentina and UK dispute over Falkland Islands heating up; US-Japan military exercise in Okinawa the day before; JCD on Planet Earth: The Latest Weapon of War, US military 350M copper needles in orbit; IPOA International Peace Operations Association “mercenary trade association” organizing Haiti summit for investors
0:39:38Time runs hit piece on Jenny McCarthy over her vaccine safety activism, childhood aphasia vs chelation therapy, JCD on writer Karl Taro Greenfeld’s “corn-fed cute” and “common touch” insults, loaded “claims” term, “unproved” vs “experimental”, plug for Merck stooge Paul Offit’s Autism’s False Prophets; ACC on working with McCarthy
0:51:44Agence France-Presse on psychosis from marijuana, study by University of Queensland’s John McGrath, HPV and swine flu vaccine research center, JCD on the importance of author bios; Karl Taro Greenfeld’s at CIA cover Paris Review; JCD on difficulty spotting CIA-sourced plants; Obama administration $150M no-bid contract to PharmAthene for anthrax vaccine; anthrax-tainted heroin potentially from storage blunder in Afghanistan
1:00:33Ecolog IG shipping US military uniforms from Afghanistan to Germany for laundering; SeaWorld killer whale euthanasia still in the headlines; Washington Post story on $1bn per year flowing from Kabul to Dubai, ten round-trip flights per day; police-training deal for Blackwater
1:06:28And Now Back to Real News: emergency shipment of 100k condoms to Vancouver Olympics
1:08:18ACC translates Herman Van Rompuy’s haiku poems; war between Van Rompuy and foreign minister Baroness Ashton, Farage held in contempt in French
1:15:02Chile tsunami scare causes tragic cancellation of nude photo shoot in New Zealand
1:15:58National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform established by Executive Order, Peterson Commission mandatory savings tax for Goldman Sachs
1:19:28Ron Paul to Bernanke on Federal reserve’s $5.5bn loan to Saddam Hussein to buy weapons, Philly Fed money found on Watergate burglars, Bernanke: allegations “absolutely bizarre”, “we have no plans whatsover to be involved in any foreign bailouts or anything of that sort”, Barney Frank vows to look into Reagan & Nixon allegations
1:29:48Donation Segment: ACC recommends menstruation apps; ACC: “it’s Value for Value
1:45:16This Week in Security “in the morning”; Anthem Blue Cross 39% rate hike, Mimi’s $125-per-tube generic Renova, jacked-up pharmaceutical prices for “modest” profit percentage; ACC doctor-blaming pet peeve, JCD on health savings accounts; “female sexual dysfunction”
2:00:04Toxic ractopamine used as cattle and hog feed additive, US life expectancy vs East Germany
2:03:11Sketchy Bloom Box fuel cell hyped by Silicon Valley insiders, positioned for sale to GE