Call Clooney!

177 Vajazzling the Slutsquad (2010-02-25)

Show 177 album art
0:00:00JCD: “Yeah, somebody at McDonald’s listens to our show.”
0:00:37ACC still sick; history of artificial San Francisco Treasure Island, “goatse island”
0:05:24Producer Segment: ACC proposes Knight rings with ITM design
0:10:58xkcd “shit, we’re dealing with a sysadmin” comic; “Kevin Rudd sucks” on Australian traffic signs, JCD on Caltech practical joke tradition, “cheeky protest” vs police with bolt cutters
0:14:32Jennifer Love Hewitt on her book chapter encouraging women “to vajazzle their vajayjays”
0:17:09And Now Back to Real News: Christopher Hardwick presidential crisis reaction: “all right, we need a media diversion, call in the slutsquad!”; Dutch shitstorm over Sven Kramer’s disqualification; Brianna Keilar on Scott Brown vs Obama on basketball court
0:26:15Distraction of the Week: Hillary Duff proposal and blowjob photos
0:27:56UKIP’s Nigel Farage to EU President Herman Van Rompuy: “you have the charisma of a damp rag and the appearance of a low-grade bank clerk”, “who voted for you?”, “oh I know, democracy’s not popular with you lot!”, Belgium “non-country”, “we don’t know you, we don’t want you, and the sooner you are put out to grass, the better”, ACC: “we need to send him a No Agenda Knight ring”; Schengen Agreement pitfalls
0:33:39Chris “Google’s evil” DiBona on Cranky Geeks, JCD griping about cordoned-off street, installing “ultimate Gitmo Nation exercise” parking meter departure sensors, JCD: “San Francisco is the worst, most unfriendly place in the world — do not visit it!” (JCDPPotD) accessible audio CAPTCHA with random incomprehensible movie quotes, “like to fly in the real China Clipper”, JCD: “you win today’s show”
0:43:53“Beauty bomber” Najibullah Zazi pleads guilty, expiring Patriot Act provisions “coincidence”
0:46:32CPAC Conservative Political Action Convention Palin vs Romney ignoring Ron Paul, Chris Matthews on Jeb Bush “racing stripes”, “the very name Mitch Daniels sounds boring”
0:51:49Missile Defense Agency Obama-influenced logo with bomb hitting Islamic crescent moon
0:53:30Anthony Weiner: Republicans “wholly-owned subsidiary of the insurance industry”
0:56:12The Warlord’s Tune documentary on pedophile bacha bazi in Afghanistan; Down syndrome sufferer Hollie Greig case in Scotland; silencing whistleblowers by branding them pedophiles; FBI corruption whistleblower Sibel Edmonds blackmailed; ACC’s radio station shut down within six weeks of discussing pedophiles in Dutch government
1:08:08Donation Segment: stream on 188 kHz; McDonald’s $3.33 deal; “we’ll kick in the penny
1:23:30Freemasonry magic 33rd degree; Toyota acceleration incident, “at 33 miles per hour I was able to turn the engine off”; UAW, GM, and US debt theories; JCD on Japanese “death buses” evicting American workers; idiot Eleanor Holmes Norton “bet your bottom dollar” grandstanding to Akio Toyoda, concerned that her US-made Camry will be recalled
1:42:23Third Circuit Court of Appeals to hear cell phone record disclosure case
1:43:22Citigroup: seven-day notice warning required by Federal Reserve; insider selling up 17%
1:45:28And Now Back to Real News: proposed University of Mississippi mascot Admiral Ackbar
1:47:30Health Canada approves Gardasil for males age 9-26
1:48:07No Agenda Swine Flu Minute: CDC H1N1-H5N1 hybrid, H1N1 vaccine added to seasonal shot; HIV Maryland lab African-killing theory, “HIV-AIDS” meme, HIV “morning after” treatment
1:55:27Warning about cell phone numbers being made available to telemarketers
1:57:37Mongolia UFO crash; Letterman Toyota monologue end-of-show clip; ACC shownotes plug, partnership with Cisco, JCD: “signed, George Orwell”