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176 Ron Paul For President (2010-02-21)

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0:00:00JCD: “Yeah Citibank should, there should be a run on the bank as we speak.” (1:04:28)
0:00:38ACC’s dinner with jewelry designer Rodrigo Otazu at Gordon Ramsay at The London, JCD on ChouChou bistro and two-star Coi; molecular gastronomy; aspartame and host of maladies
0:05:33Producer Segment: knighting ceremony “hookers and blow”
0:12:16Dutch government “falls” due to inability to form coalition, Labor pullout over Afghanistan withdrawal deadline; poll predicts PVV party’s Geert Wilders landslide if not two-to-the-headed, hate crime prosecution; Brussels and Goldman Sachs rewards for bringing in Lisbon Treaty; Islamist inroads in post-election Turkey; ACC all-in on pedophile purge
0:24:27Hamas’ Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh assassinated by Mossad in Dubai; US citizen Anwar al-Awlaki on Obama kill list, John Yoo on permission from National Security Council “death panel”, JCD on Casino “eh, why take a chance?”; Alexander Haig’s power seizure after Reagan shooting
0:30:5221 Los Angeles dispensaries raided by rudderless DEA; multiple sclerosis effectiveness
0:34:29MIA C-SPAN Patrick Kennedy video located on State Department website, “we then went to the community and said should we revoke this visa and one of the members … said please do not revoke this visa”; ACC on “big lies” like 9/11, JCD’s WTC 7 skepticism, Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth on the move, WTC Seven Won’t Go Away jingle,
0:43:48Producer note on Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck throwing Debra Medina under the bus
0:46:20Austin IRS suicide attack: YouTube 500 Internal Server Error for hazmat team eyewitness; Andrew Joseph Stack’s MS Word suicide note, Alex Jones and Texas secession; Ron Paul’s straw poll win at CPAC; Democrats benefiting from Fox News Republican fragmentation
0:56:48Austin NBC eyewitness: “I know the fire department got here real fast, because they actually had an engine sitting over there, that just happened to be doing something, with hazmat”; Stack website taken down by FBI, work for Teledyne; “homegrown terrorism” Tea Party meme
1:01:31Distraction of the Week: Tiger Woods “skanks” confession
1:03:02Citigroup potentially requiring seven-day notice to withdraw from checking account, ACC’s inability to get credit card, “I didn’t buy no damn mansion”; Indian producers on not donating and being tight-fisted; Glenn Beck: American charity “ten times the giving power of France”
1:14:22Donation Segment
1:25:54ACC recommends Side Effects: Death — Confessions of Pharma Insider by former Eli Lilly manager; Avodart ad’s absurd “tell your doctor if you have liver disease”; Lunesta ad with Pavlovian boxing bell: “walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep without remembering it the next day have been reported”, JCD: “switching from what?”
1:36:17Obama on nationwide health insurance rate hikes and record profits, JCD collusion theory; India Today on Monsanto data fabrication; USDA: impossible to fill sugar need without GMOs, JCD: brown sugar made by adding cane molasses to detoxified beet sugar
1:47:03FDIC opening Chicago office; speed skater Sven Kramer to NBC reporter: “are you stupid?”
1:49:38SDR Special Drawing Rights as new reserve currency; nationwide strike planned in Greece, Goldman Sachs debt office head; UK debt at 12% with £4.3bn loan; Gordon Brown reprimanded for terrorizing staff; high school producer on classmates all-in on surveillance state
1:56:44Newsweek “Guide to Conspiracy Theories”; Lockerbie “bomber” still alive in luxury villa; LHC “big bangers”; hundreds of kilograms of heroin headed from Romania to Haiti
2:02:04Child trafficking in Haiti and El Salvador; ambassador John Bolton CPAC end-of-show clips
2:04:23CSI cell phone triangulation; Swiss prostitutes trained use defibrillators on clients