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175 Liz Cheney vs. Sarah Palin (2010-02-18)

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0:00:00JCD: “Well, that’s because Liz, lesbian, lisbian, lesbian, les … it’s easy to make this mistake.”
0:00:39ACC in foggy San Francisco with “second wave of swine flu”
0:01:17Three Tesla Motors executives dead in small aviation crash after veering into transmission tower, ACC: failure in one engine, “day-wrecker”
0:06:23ACC hypnotized by Olympics, JCD on curling play-by-play on local radio, Lindsey Vonn
0:07:48Producer Segment: $333 trio
0:13:57Japan surpasses China in US debt holdings, Iran supplying 20% of Chinese oil, Toyota accelerator and brake recalls, JCD predicts non-union labor implicated, ACC: Honda recalls
0:20:01Robert Gibbs advised to listen to No Agenda on Twitter, posts long convoluted AP story on Pakistan, “not gettin’ into that” on Taliban leader capture
0:25:48TSA now doing hand swabs, producer note on new IONSCAN 400B units giving false positives on NGC and NGN, detects range of illicit drugs; chemical detectors vs dogs and international smuggling; ACC on LAX “humiliation tunnel” triggering only on women; TSA at Tampa Greyhound station, Dutch hippie society replaced with fascist state-controlled media
0:41:12And Now Back to Real News: Doctor Who regeneration bad acting; Alicia Keys at All Star Game; Family Guy “psychic!”, Chris dates Down syndrome girl, “former governor of Alaska” dig at Sarah Palin; Schwarzenegger replacement for California, Tammy Bruce to O’Reilly: “we are independent conservatives, generally, which is also recognized as classical liberals”
0:59:25Upcoming Cobra Gold military exercise in Thailand for “peacekeeping operations, humanitarian assistance, and disaster relief”; Michael Leiter testimony to House Homeland Security Committee on blockage of crotch bomber visa revocation MIA from C-SPAN
1:09:14Donation Segment: douchebag callout for not donating; $33.33 subscriptions
1:16:38Class-action lawsuit against Philadelphia school for passing out laptops and spying on student engaging in “improper behavior in his home”; JCD’s gaffer tape over monitor cameras
1:20:55EU “United States of Europe”, ACC: “a handy little way not to have to exchange your money”, Goldman Sachs working with Greece to keep 13% deficit off the books and hedging against sovereign debt, “austerity demands” for Athens and loss of vote; 54 EU embassies around the world; French three strikes law, No Agenda Militia made up of sysadmins who look away when you enter a password, ACC: “hug your sysadmin today”, Russian hacker playing two-minute porn video on traffic sign system, ACC: “hackers of the world: I will share all of my hookers and blow with you if you put onto a traffic sign”
1:35:31Roger Ebert takedown notices from Disney over tribute to Gene Siskel, blame Steve Jobs
1:36:28JCD mistakes Joe Biden’s Ash Wednesday smudge for “hole drilled in his brain”
1:38:44End-of-show clip: Rosie Radio with Janeane Garofalo on “anti-intellectual” Elisabeth Hasselbeck, dead reckoning “a navigational term usually used in maritime law”, JCD’s Etak pre-GPS
1:44:39Liz Cheney suspicious of New York Times on news of Taliban figure’s capture, “we are at war with an enemy determined to kill us” subtle propaganda, ACC predicts Cheney vs Palin; Cheney questions Napolitano’s competence over crotch bomber; €230M from France for Haiti
1:52:15No Agenda Swine Flu Minute: Ukraine black lung epidemic, H1N1 in seasonal vaccine
1:53:58Afghans staying behind during offensive to tend poppies; black tar heroin from Mexico instead of sugar cane; satirical Italian We Fuck the World with Sarkozy & Bush
2:00:36Yorkshire residents demand reversion of Tittle Cott Bridge to Tickle Cock Bridge
2:02:19Republican hit list including Napolitano & Holder; Glenn Beck’s Obama assassination meme