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174 Gung Ho!! Fat Choy! (2010-02-14)

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0:00:00JCD: (Muttering about a stapler)
0:00:38Happy Valentines & Chinese New Year, JCD: “gung ho fat choy”; ACC in Los Angeles “Hilltop Watchtower”, “mimimum” Manamana jingle, Time Warner cable; JCD’s keyboard in lap
0:06:04Producer Segment: PR Associates’ name-drop to Volkskrant editor and new “in the morning”
0:14:59Eleven-year-old kills father’s fiancée with Christmas shotgun; University of Alabama sociology professor kills three over not getting tenure, previous shotgunning of brother
0:19:53Pre-announced 15k surge in Marjah Helmand Province, “two-thirds of Afghanistan’s poppy crop”, JCD cut off, “worst-kept secret in Afghanistan” in scattered leaflets; Dutch cracking down on marijuana, notes on flipping out on weed, Reefer Madness sexual propaganda backfire
0:33:46Publicis Groupe; New York bills to allow Gardasil without parental consent, black populace targeted; Society for Adolescent Medicine, Douchebag! jingle
0:39:56JCD’s recycled Printworks paper in plastic packaging (JCDPPotD); Dish Network 9405 Pentagon Channel with marked lack of reality shows; slow-motion replays of Olympics luge crash
0:47:55Eleven tons of blood plasma stolen from Baxter International recovered in Poland
0:49:17Canadian producer notes on lack of snow in Whistler business as usual; Marjah distraction
0:53:04The Atlantic: Greek financial problems due to 2004 Athens Olympics, transition from focus on individuals to nations; Pedobear added to Olympic mascot lineup by 4chan goes viral
0:59:03Donation Segment: ACC recommends donating to shareware projects
1:09:22We Told You So on No Agenda jingle for Boeing 747 tactical laser, ACC: “this is how they got Michael Jackson”; ACC to CNN vs Jackson murder investigation
1:13:37And Now Back to Real News: Letterman “Thursday February eleventh” voiceover correction
1:16:37The Ed Show Ed Schutz ranting Democrat on Harry Reid’s impending loss, “managerial party”; sanctimonious Christie Romer blathers about economic turnaround
1:25:03Wolf Blitzer on 76% of Americans in favor of military custody for crotch bomber, to Jane Harman: “you’re in the minority”, to Pete Hoekstra: “we’re losing your satellite connection”; John Brennan’s The Analysis Corporation; two former employees accusing Blackwater of billing US for alcohol and hooker, JCD: “one prostitute??”, “morale welfare recreation expenses”; Joe Biden Meet the Press gaffe: Abdulmutallab will be found guilty and executed
1:38:16Thom Hartmann on defunct TARP “buy domestic” provisions in Chinese & Japanese stimuli
1:40:32DoJ job posting seeking those with “targeted disabilities” including mental retardation
1:42:40Microsoft strategy and research officer Craig Mundie at Davos: bloggers should be licensed
1:43:50Naked body scanners a violation of Islamic law; ACC “you poor sheep” at SFO, Micky cordoned off waiting for female assist; former DHS Michael Chertoff’s millimeter wave machines
1:48:42Sergey Aleynikov on trial for stealing Goldman Sachs source code; Baltasar Garzón investigating 114k people who disappeared in 1930s civil war; Bill Clinton heart surgery distraction from No Agenda Clinton Foundation analysis, JCD: “I think they put a bomb in him”
1:52:13Icelandic Modern Media Initiative journalism safe haven, JCD on sulfur showers
1:55:04Microsoft Flight Simulator UAV Predator module, JCD on The Last Starfighter training
1:56:44Canary Islands telecommunications hub, CIA rendition hot spot, massive oil deposit; We Are the World Haiti remake; Gary Coleman freaks out over New Orleans vs Haiti relief
2:05:27IMF “rescue” for Greece; New Zealand taxpayers on the hook for Hillary Clinton no-show; European Parliament vites down US access to SWIFT banking transaction data; proposed EPA Executive Orders; aspartame to be rebranded “natural” AminoSweet, JCD: HFCS rebrand