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173 Zug Haiti Connection? (2010-02-11)

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0:00:00JCD: “Hey, your leg’s crushed — yeah, oh my leg’s crushed — ah, don’t worry about it, everybody hurts” (1:45:42)
0:00:39“Shot over the bow” Chicago earthquake to get Obama in line with Goldman Sachs bankers, “Obama Begrudges Quote About Not Begrudging Bonuses” article
0:04:56Producer Segment: “hit people in the mouth” outro
0:09:09ACC at San Francisco Marriott unlucky 13th floor, therapeutic power of eights
0:11:19Left-wing ruckus over pro-life Tim Tebow Super Bowl ad, violent Doritos ads, Audi green police; Colts players try to identify Ben Bernanke from footage: “he looked like a crook”
0:16:58PIIGS Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain in debt to tune of 12-20% GDP; Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling not worried about British pound; IMF economic hit men, Paul B. Farrell in Marketwatch: invest in gold and weapons; Obama economic report cites “Great Recession”, JCD on 1857 depression delayed by $3T gold glut, possible delay until 2017
0:27:59Idiotic Robert Gibbs “eggs, milk, and bread” joke about Sarah Palin crib notes; Ron Paul on neocons infiltrating Tea Party; Pim Fortuyn’s assassination; C-SPAN’s searchable transcripts
0:34:09Google love story Super Bowl ad, no producers from France, DIY Google ad variations, CIA connection to Oracle and Sun; C-SPAN “Future of American Culture” event: immigrants in sod huts, Pat Robertson’s Regent University, America as “she”; Shiva statue at LHC
0:48:18Donation Segment: Three is the Magic Number jingle;
1:03:02And now Back to Real News: MTV drops “Music Television” from logo, Real World’s age
1:03:44Dutch coffee shops to put warning labels on weed; US Airways flight diverted due to passenger on medical marijuana, ACC: “this is not typical pothead behavior”, JCD predicts Jamaican violence report vs California ballot measure; California cities issuing fix-it tickets for revenue
1:10:47Sugar insider: stevia red herring for new sweetener to replace it, Rumsfeld’s aspartame
1:14:35Zug Switzerland, “the people that live there all have the last name of Inc.”, Pincus Green pardoned by Bill Clinton, laundering Clinton Foundation money
1:18:32And Now Back to Real News: bad acting from Law & Order: Criminal Intent with Jeff Goldblum and CSI: NY; YouTube zoom-enhance-rotate “the eigenvalue is off” compilation; security guard shoots two bowling alley smokers
1:26:18Pro-NATO Yulia “Princess Leia” Tymoshenko loses to Yanukovych in Ukrainian election
1:28:20Democracy Now “headline”: another US activist denied entry to Canada for Vancouver Olympics, JCD on Olympic ring handcuffs T-shirt, ACC on exploited Olympic athlete slaves; “freakish” lack of snow
1:32:35NOAA starting climate division, chart data ending 2004 or 1999, JCD: “the word grant seems to come up a lot”; H.R.2454 cap and trade bill, EPA home sale licensing
1:40:38Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan asked for naked body scanner printout autograph; judge messing with Charlie Sheen after domestic violence charges dropped; Pamela Anderson’s inevitable TSA body scan leak
1:44:43Callous Everybody Hurts cover for Haiti, JCD: “it’s sadistic”; ACC: Canary Islands next earthquake machine target, oil reserves and Abama Resort
1:52:31Anonymous kicks off Operation Titstorm over Australia’s flat-chested censorship; Australian “aging population” issues, Negative Population Growth propaganda scholarship contest
1:55:55$75 shopping vouchers from Gardasil
1:56:56Hannity: cap and trade bill to “cost the average American family three thousand jobs”