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172 Palin Teapot Party (2010-02-07)

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0:00:00JCD: “You know, these kinds of documents you keep digging up about this, is kind of disturbing.” (1:39:46)
0:00:37JCD’s Google Voice hiding people’s identities
0:02:40Producer Segment; office visit from Kiwi producer
0:07:02JCD’s Sarah Palin as Tea Party head prediction; MSNBC e-mail FOIA $15M cost estimate lowered to $323.58, “don’t digress” In The Morning! rimshot; governor’s mansion tanning bed, Todd Palin power behind the throne; photo with Tea Party keynote crib notes written on hand as distraction of the week, “lift American spirits”; it’s what we do, so you don’t have to, C-SPAN jingle, introduction by Andrew Breitbart; “happy birthday Ronald Reagan” meme, C-SPAN welcome needling Obama on healthcare coverage, warning against top-down approach; JCD on Palin’s grating voice, Obama “charismatic guy with a teleprompter”
0:20:40War “overseas contingency operation”, unrevoked crotch bomber visa; bogus JFK blaming Eisenhower meme; “nobody messes with Joe”, “how’s that hopey-changey stuff working out for ya?”; “not about a leader position”; no mention of Ron Paul; New World Order! jingle
0:32:10And Now Back to Real News: Toronto’s Mildred’s Temple Kitchen encourages customers to have sex in its bathrooms for Valentine’s Day, JCD on drive-in movie hanky-panky
0:35:10Huge deficits in “Club Med” Greece, Portugal, and Spain; JCD story: trying to order last bottle of wine at top-rated Greek restaurant, smoking Olympic Air flight attendant; Bank of International Settlements meeting in Australia; JCD’s biorhythm app
0:42:57Google-NSA cybersecurity partnership; FBI pressuring ISPs to retain browsing history for two years to combat child pornography, JCD on blackmail opportunities; Portland State University professor calls out student as FBI informant; Bowles & Jayadev on 25% of population in “guard labor”; ACC on Invasion of the Body Snatchers alert on spotting a federal goon “fed head”
0:55:17Amy “the lipless wonder” Goodman on Vancouver “Olympics Resistance Network”, activist Harsha Walia gripes about $1bn “military police state”; Goodman on CBS censoring “helping write” Focus on the Family Super Bowl ad, Planned Parenthood counter-ad, Dave Zirin: “Planned Parenthood should have equal time on Super Bowl Sunday and should not have to spend one dime to have it”, JCD on equal-time socialists uninterested in football (JCDPPotD)
1:04:54The Cleveland Show: Afghan heroin “the best heroin in the world!”
1:05:56Goodman on rejected gay dating site ad; “excuse me while I kiss this guy”
1:07:53Donation Segment: plan for putting No Agenda on AM radio; Newsletter planning
1:18:50Better Business Bureau’s Clinton Foundation laundry list of failings; Scientologists in Haiti flown in by John Travolta, ACC: “get your plane off the tarmac!”; Doctors Without Borders appalled at “guillotine-style” amputations by American doctors
1:30:13Professor Phil Jones “contemplated suicide” over Climategate, David Kelly parallel; pharma executive Gigi Jordan poisons autistic son, e-mailed “suicide note” mentions laptop documents
1:34:11Fringe bad acting: New York earthquake “probably just a by-product of global warming”
1:36:481977 Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques, ACC: “agreement … not to earthquake each other”, “earthquakes, tsunamis”; DHS recommending keeping D.C. storm quiet; NASA fault radar over Haiti
1:41:51Rajendra Pachauri: skeptics “people who say asbestos is as good as talcum powder”
1:43:23Stevia’s danger to male reproduction; Hit in the Mouth + NWO + Shut Up, Slave; nine-year-old suspended for toy gun; Ahmadinejad promises “harsh blow to the global arrogance”