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171 Botulism Vaccine Coming (2010-02-04)

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0:00:00JCD: “So I guess now when you say, hey, that babe’s got dynamite boobs, you ain’t kidding.” (0:30:01)
0:00:38Rahm Emanuel apologizes for using the word “retarded”,, “retard the throttle” in aviation, ACC’s New Jersey friend “the cripple”, John C. McGinley: “it’s time to respect and value people with intellectual disabilities, it’s time to end the R-word”, JCD: “this is some sort of a meme created to associate the R-word … with Republicans”, “D-word” douchebag
0:11:00Producer Segment: ACC proposes Knight app
0:20:08MSNBC “big TARP lie” banner and artwork, “the President continues to say in public that banks have almost paid Americans back — that is a lie”; Bloomberg on “secret banking cabal”; budget PDFs, DHS “up to 1000 advanced imaging technology screening machines”; Muslim doctors implanting explosives in women’s breasts according to MI5
0:30:37Feinstein to intelligence heads: “what is the likelihood of another terrorist attempted attack on the homeland in the next three to six months, high or low?”, Dennis Blair: “an attempted attack, the priority is certain, I would say”, JCD on imperial “homeland” meme; JCD story: Feinstein hissy fit over file room door chain at air pollution district, ACC: “can I just say she’s a retard?”; crotch bomber Abdulmutallab’s visa not revoked by request of intelligence agency for sake of larger investigation; body scans now mandatory at Heathrow
0:41:55Keith Olbermann McCain-bashing over “don’t ask don’t tell”; Pentagon undertakes year-long study, JCD on Alexander the Great’s gay army; Olbermann ditched by younger viewers for no longer being funny, similarities with protegee Rachel Maddow; Maddow “WRONG” buzzer for Susan Collins and Lindsey Graham on minor crotch bomber details
0:51:18Remington 870 shotguns for IRS; bisexuality in Ancient Greece
0:53:32No Agenda Swine Flu Minute: NCIS Los Angeles “I’m the only one that’s been vaccinated for botulism”, “SEALs are inoculated for everything”, JCD: “if you’re opening up a can of tuna and the thing’s about to blow up, don’t eat it!”, 30 US cases each year; humorous crack cocaine ad with side effect rundown
1:03:37Donation Segment
1:10:40Bill Clinton: “we just need cash”, George W. Bush: “I know a lot of people wanna send blankets or water, just send your cash”; Clinton appointed by Ban Ki-moon to oversee aid efforts and reconstruction; yellow-shirted Scientologists giving “healing massages” and generally making nuisances of themselves; Bill Clinton on “big one-lane” Port-au-Prince airport, ACC: “he makes it sound like it’s a dirt road, it’s ten thousand feet, which is enough to land an Antonov”; ham radio operators reporting on Air Force Commando Solo plane broadcasting Voice of America and other propaganda
1:21:32Everybody Hurts benefit single released soon; Miley Cyrus Today Show controversy
1:24:06Merisant Company introducing stevia-derived sweetener, JCD: “the stuff tastes like crap”, stevia banned in 1990s to push aspartame under Rumsfeld, JCD on HFCS asbestos parallel
1:31:15Frontline “Digital Nation” anti-internet propaganda, ACC internet control rant (JCDPPotD)
1:38:52Producer note on hetero vs homo ages of consent, military ban on non-missionary positions
1:39:50Climategate: people riled up against IPCC by De Telegraaf article; ACC reading 1912 Philip Dru: Administrator book, Bull Moose Party
1:44:39California tied for third dumbest population; No Agenda Militia; ACC on Chinese student pilot radio traffic; Carly Fiorina “demon sheep” ad against Tom Campbell