Call Clooney!

170 Flat Chested Women (2010-01-31)

Show 170 album art
0:00:00JCD: “Hey I got an idea!
0:00:35Approaching special Show 200
0:01:12Producer Segment: No Agenda T-shirt photo shoot
0:12:16ACC No Agenda pancakes video, JCD on people who can’t cook outing themselves by bragging about their lasagna or spaghetti, ACC’s “famous” Stove Top stuffing
0:14:34And Now Back to Real News: proposed Australian internet censorship, flat-chested women as child pornography, ban on golden showers and female ejaculation; Trojan Ecstasy condom ad, ACC: “have we forgotten how to have fun having sex?”; chatroom: “Monsanto boobs”
0:23:27JCD analyzes Miss America pageant: backstage chaos getting Oregon into swimsuit, judge Rush Limbaugh, cookie-cutter brunette clones
0:28:34“PBS communist” AFL-CIO head to Bill Moyers on Massachusetts election: “if you’re not on the side of creating jobs, jobs, jobs”, Colbert “jobs, jobs, jobs” montage; O’Biden warming up Tampa audience with high-speed rail, $8bn for Austin “bus stop”, “fast and more liable”, JCD: “he’s been drinking!”, cheers for “Tampa to Orlando”, JCD: “they have some crappy trains in India”, “lobbying frenzy” for GE, O’Biden Obama introduction
0:43:38JCD on “buried” trains in France, no casualties among 1.2bn TGV passengers, JCD “cheesed off” pun run on Gouda wreck, ACC’s /ˈɣa͜uda/ pronunciation; JCD: Europe “optimized for trains”; London congestion tax and unaffordable trains with no toilets
0:51:22“Dumbest” vice president Dan Quayle at Cerberus Capital Management, $82M Talecris Biotherapeutics sold for $2bn, plasma donation ad targeting poor minorities
0:55:29California push to get pot legalization on November ballot, Oakland “Wal-Mart of weed” for growers, ACC predicts Monsanto weed, “I’m gonna come down here and see what the new business model’s about”, JCD: California “Amsterdam of the United States”
1:05:33Donation Segment: ACC’s missed meetup opportunity e-mail; $33.33 pledge drive suggestion
1:15:17Global age of consent rundown with Vatican at 12
1:17:54UK sugar market crisis, potential forthcoming Monsanto product, JCD recommends Colgin liquid smoke, HFCS and soy sauce in Stubb’s, Whole Foods “big organic”, JCD: “if you see high-fructose corn syrup, reject the product” (JCDPPotD)
1:24:32Obama announces Volcker banking reform plan, Volcker’s J.P. Morgan Chase vs Goldman Sachs, JCD on Goldman controlling markets via flash trading
1:30:58Latest issue of Maxim with article on plane crash victim Bush/Rove/GOP “IT guru” Michael Connell, “pieces of my husband’s brain”, plane “hastily removed to a secure hangar under the cover of darkness”, tower “on lockdown”, ACC’s dead man’s switch; two-to-the-head for Von Helding Estate owner Ronald Eade over child pornography allegation, FBI SWAT team
1:40:27Missing Vancouver ammonium nitrate still under investigation, person in charge of malfunctioning 7/7 London security cameras responsible for security, 2012 film dialogue: “British Columbia 2010, remember?”; record-breaking cold everywhere but no snow in Vancouver
1:46:47Chase Bank ad projection of dishonesty; fetishistic Burger King ad with men dressed as babies
1:50:21Haiti “may be one of the world’s richest zones for hydrocarbons, oil and gas, outside the Middle East”, geologists on ground a year after Aristide ouster; Katrina formaldehyde trailers
1:54:11Crotch bomber linked to Mossad; more special forces to Yemen; US citizen Anwar al-Awlaki to be added to CIA drone list if approved by lawyers; BlackBerry No Agenda app
1:58:17Miley Cyrus caterwauling Party in the USA on Today Show