Call Clooney!

16 Start Using Canteens (2008-02-10)

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0:00:17JCD able to hear audio via new Mac setup; farting the new problem in California schools
0:05:49ACC on 800 British government organizations able to order surveillance, JCD: “as soon as you said the word ECHELON you got disconnected”, Taking Liberties documentary, UK protesting illegal within a km of Parliament, potential fart protest
0:10:11Listener message on Natali Del Conte “stripper and/or a hooker”, Del Conte’s new show
0:12:19Attempts to shut down Amsterdam’s red light districts, ACC on foreign prostitutes and drug trade, ACC story: embarrassing monkey suit with strap-on incident at Casa Rosso
0:22:18JCD speech to orthodontists in Las Vegas, ACC suggests book title High-Penetration Marketing Initiatives, JCD unimpressed with L’Atelier De Joël Robuchon, “is he a prick” question; listener feedback on ubiquity of bottled water, ACC: “it’s like a canteen, isn’t it?”
0:34:04MSNBC caves to Hillary and suspends David Shuster over “pimping out Chelsea” comment; BBC turns Camden Market fire into Amy Winehouse smear; JCD on local news “green beat”
0:41:43American Express Black card, blog, celebrity black card photos, JCD on Blue card incompatible with European Schlumberger machines; JCD telling stories on TWiT
0:48:57Listener message: all-in on format; ACC on Z-100 tracking competitors’ commercial breaks; JCD on rampant privatization to avoid Sarbanes-Oxley
0:55:32JCD on California superdelegates all-in for Hillary, JCD denied Republican ballot; Ron Paul campaign scaling back; right-wing talk show guys hate McCain