Call Clooney!

169 Shysters Show Up (2010-01-28)

Show 169 album art
0:00:00“Madame Speaker, the President of the United States!” (cheers and boos)
0:00:42ACC “mimimum” in intro
0:01:25Producer Segment: knighting ceremony for Dame Tanya Weiman; ACC’s “rig”
0:09:17Distraction of the Week: postponed State of the Union with iPad announcement and Paulson/Geithner grilling; low-resolution C-SPAN camera, speech posted by Hannity night before, women in red and yellow, Pelosi’s “seal testicle” pearls and coordination with Biden’s tie; “stinkeye” from Michelle for childhood obesity assignment; single “look”, “let me be clear”; Afghanistan combat troops nuance; Obama takes swipe at Supreme Court over Citizens United
0:22:26Alan Grayson’s H.R.4431 “500 percent excise tax on corporate contributions to political committees”; Bob McDonnell’s staged Republican response to State of the Union
0:26:29Michael Leiter to Homeland Security Committee: 4k “no-flys” of 400k on watch list, “if they are on the watch list, it is because we have generally made the choice that we want them here in the country for some reason or another”; Witherspoon “I’d like to donate to No Agenda
0:32:25Timmy Geithner’s Oversight and Government Reform testimony: Darrell Issa “ya think?” on AIG disclosure controversy; Marcy Kaptur requests copy of nonexistent recusal letter, “you work for the private banks that elected you”, Geithner: “it’s slightly more complicated than that”, chief of staff Mark Patterson’s previous Goldman Sachs position, Geithner “but, but, but”; Dennis Kucinich on Goldman Sach’s hundred cents on the dollar over AIG
0:46:24Two-to-the-head for Davos security chief Markus Reinhardt, JCD cut off, ACC: “hey, let’s fuck with those No Agenda guys!”, Reinhardt’s acoustic system picking up secret plans
0:53:29And Now Back to Real News: dreadful Law & Order acting with Jeff Goldblum; pro-life Super Bowl ad using potentially aborted Tim Tebow, Fox brings in stammering Choice USA woman; NewsHour advertiser list with Chevron and the other usual suspects
1:03:30Donation Segment
1:08:01Netherlands raises €100M for Haiti relief, Jennifer Aniston’s $500k for Doctors Without Borders; Bush 43 to Meet the Press: “sometimes it’s hard to make things happen quickly”; New Orleans tells media not use term “Katrina disaster”; George W. Bush: “shysters show up and take advantage of people’s goodwill and generosity”; producer note on Clinton Foundation probable 280 employees; Brittney Spears contributing Versace gown
1:16:00Royal Caribbean Labadee Island story debunked; JCD on “ridiculously biased” Hannity
1:20:05Mephedrone “meow meow” use in UK; fake Botox from Chechnya
1:23:14Valparaiso IN middle school students charged with child pornography for sexting; controversial Château Mouton Rothschild label; ACC wat je zegt ben jezelf, Boy’s Town documentary Conspiracy of Silence
1:31:52Katie Couric’s aggressive Rahm Emanuel interview on Ben Nelson healthcare deal, Massachusetts “dropped the ball” question
1:38:15Financial Times on Stanley McChrystal’s call for political solution; UN lifts sanctions on Taliban leaders; Karzai to BBS: “now we have the backing of our partners”
1:45:42Possible Vancouver Winter Olympics false flag to get US troops in, two tons of ammonium nitrate lost by Kinder Morgan; YouTube video on DHS warning
1:50:31New “next four years” and bioweapon attack memes, Bob Graham to NewsHour: “the sophistication of al-Qaeda, as we saw on Christmas Day, has become … greater and more diffused”