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167 Flying Upside Down (2010-01-21)

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0:00:00ACC: “Oh what a great show, ohoho, I feel so a part of it!” (0:30:55)
0:00:38Producer Segment; PR Associate Maynard slips in “in the morning” and “two-to-the-head”
0:08:55Hugo Chávez accuses US of using earthquake machine on Haiti as dry run for Iran; 1997 DoD news briefing by William S. Cohen on “eco type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves”, transcript removed from site; DISA’s Jean Demay “happened to be” at Southern Command HQ in Miami for pre-earthquake drill, 9/11 and 7/7 drills; 2008 oil reserve discoveries
0:17:27ACC tracking Port-au-Prince airport tail numbers, N419AR owned by Mardon Inc oil discovery company, untrackable CIA planes; Royal Caribbean cruise ship stops by for barbecue with armed guards; Obama’s meeting with Michaëlle Jean in Canada; ACC calls bullcrap on Hope for Haiti Now benefit concert; SNA Swedish Necrophilia Association signs up 200k people
0:38:23New Fox show Human Target flying airliner upside down, “you wanna replace the flight computer with a laptop?”, USB “skeleton key”
0:47:37Secondhand smoke fearmongering PSA and Chantix ad blitz; Carter Albrecht shot by neighbor, New York Magazine documents Chantix experience; producer note on smoking as cure
0:53:47Donation Segment
0:57:26ACC’s possible earthquake; more lights over Norway with waveforms, HAARP antennas
1:00:18And Now Back to Real News: sheep in Izmir Turkey gives birth to stillborn lamb with human-like face; EU beer shortage due to AB InBev strike, Amsterdam red-light districts closing down after 4 am; Iceland on the hook for bank bailouts from UK and Netherlands
1:05:03Ron Paul: “there’s been a coup, have you heard?”, “the CIA runs everything”, drug business
1:08:19“Christmas bomber” investigation, “extra-field-manual interrogation techniques”, Fox “but it works” meme, head-scratching over Mirandization
1:12:07Republican Scott Brown takes Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat; JCD on “”common man“ meme vs founding fathers, Martha Coakley botch; JCD on potential filibuster C-SPAN backfire; insurance stock pump & dump, producer proposes Congressional stock portfolio ETF
1:25:04Supreme Court overturns 20-year-old ruling prohibiting corporations from buying campaign ads, Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission
1:28:26No Agenda Swine Flu Minute: Dutch WHO advisor under investigation for conflict of interest; WHO report on funding options for medical technology transfer to developing world, “digital tax” on bandwidth used, JCD on Margaret Chan as Mad TV’s Miss Swan
1:31:50Hackable Diebold machines used in Massachusetts; “universal voter legislation” for automatic registration of dead people, Paul Weyrich: “I don’t want everybody to vote”, Bill Clinton’s assertion that educated voters vote Democrat, Obama inaction on education (JCDPPotD); Michelle Malkin calls Ron Paul a conspiracy theorist, CIA comment as Paul’s Dean scream
1:39:58Golden Globes: Ricky Gervais and Stella Artois placement, winning Mad Men crew cut off for not being NBC, Gervais pisses of the executives
1:44:12Heritage Foundation’s Charles Krauthammer predicts Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear program resulting in global chaos, “six million Jews” meme, ACC on Haiti as test run for Iran
1:50:35End-of-show Letterman monologue further exploring late night show shuffling