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166 Monica Crowley’s Stilettos (2010-01-17)

Show 166 album art
0:00:00JCD: “Snakes?” ACC: “Snakes.” JCD: “Snakes??” (1:02:45)
0:00:38Dreadful West Coast weather predicted, JCD on Purdue Unisys satellite imagery
0:01:56Producer Segment: James Cameron “nattering nabobs of negativity”
0:07:58Haiti Earthquake: ACC’s Iran earthquake prediction comes true; Dominican Republic half of Hispaniola unaffected; ACC meme rundown: “we’re great”, news crew rescues, Bolivian UN “peacekeepers”, Anderson “Vanderbilt” Cooper and Sanjay Gupta with stethoscopes, 10k aid operations; Hillary Clinton “rescue, relief, and reform”; Joy Behar on Pat Robertson’s pact with the devil claim, Arianna Huffington: “God considers Pat Robertson a public relations nightmare”; minimum wage fine print in $65M IMF loan on offer; Ari Melber to Behar: “what you’re seeing is the really ugly side of this right wing movement”, Behar ratings bonanza
0:26:26Democracy Now has guy in Brooklyn reading Haiti tweets; scrutiny for Wyclef Jean’s Yéle Haiti charity; JCD “it’s about time” on US takeover; ACC on Hôpital Albert Schweitzer; DHS journalist flights, victims cleaned up for interviews, Cooper’s dump truck with bodies; Heritage Foundation “opportunities to reshape Haiti’s long-dysfunctional government and economy, as well as to improve the public image of the United States in the region”; ACC “Tesla howitzer”
0:41:59Dutch Labor’s Chantal Gill’ard warns about “natural disasters like Haiti” from climate change
0:45:08Micky’s accidental Show 165 interruption; JCD on Shelley Berman’s career-ending blowup
0:48:26Micky’s Chantix withdrawal nightmare, producer notes on aggression and near-suicidal depression, potentially lethal psoriasis, bizarre dreams and hallucinations, “I want to kill people”; FDA, Rumsfeld, and aspartame; FDA’s Sebelius clone “Peggy Hamburger”, JCD: “classic Pacific Heights dingbat”; upcoming Chantix “ad blitz”
1:00:03Donation Segment
1:09:13FBI Osama bin Laden composite photo with Spanish politician Gaspar Llamazares
1:11:19Australian football player promoting lamb, “Islamabad? of course it bloody well isn’t”
1:15:04Tungsten fake gold: 2004 article on disappearance of NYMEX executive after search warrant from Manhattan district attorney, Rothschild withdrawal from trading gold in London
1:20:55Monica Crowley’s “dominatrix spikes” on McLaughlin Group; Margaret Hoover goes off deep end with Aristotle’s The Republic, Oprah’s Denmark healthcare propaganda
1:24:34No Agenda Swine Flu Minute: county bureaucrat begging citizens to get vaccine; McLaughlin Group on leaderless Tea Party, Ross “Perotistas”, grooming Palin for Tea Party leadership
1:36:55Ambiguously pro- or anti-salt “popular seasoning” package, New Yorker: “I like Kraft macaroni & cheese and it’s loaded with salt — lemme eat it!”, National Salt Reduction Initiative, “over in the UK, where the food is so bad that you have to add a lot of salt in order to choke it down”; Australian government hiring social workers to teach basic parenting skills
1:46:44Monsanto buys WestBred for $45M to get ahold of wheat portfolio; Gates Foundation hires Monsanto shill Sam Dryden, Global Crop Diversity Trust, ACC: “dude, this guy has eugenicist written all over him”, Council on Foreign Relations; FDA reverses position on BPA safety
1:53:44Iranian official accuses US, UK, and Canada of running drugs in Afghanistan, “drug catalysts”
1:56:55And Now Back to Real News: floor collapses at Swedish Weight Watchers clinic; Nickelodeon’s The Mighty B!: “one copy of Atlas Shrugged, check!”; San Diego middle school on lockdown over student science experiment, Metro Arson Strike Team
2:01:36NOAA & GISS temperature data from 6000 stations reduced to 1500