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165 Earthquake Machine Strikes Haiti (2010-01-14)

Show 165 album art
0:00:00JCD: “What the heck is a life-threatening skin rash?” (0:59:51)
0:00:36Producer Segment: ACC’s pigeons Hank & Dagny “ready to fly”
0:04:22PR Associate Maynard slips in two “no agenda”s and an “in the morning” in Lord Mayor John Stuart Tate interview, JCD proposes “in the morning” greeting; Ayn Rand ordered to write Atlas Shrugged by Philip Rothschild
0:13:15Sarah Palin joins Fox News, 60 Minutes special, new Game Change book, JCD outs Anderson Cooper; McCain’s adviser Steve Schmidt on Palin’s debate prep debacle, “Joe O’Biden” and “can I call you Joe”, JCD on mic activated early; Glenn Beck interview with Statue of Liberty in background, JCD: “worst interview I’ve ever seen”, Palin credits Beck with audit the Fed push, dumb question on Constitutionality of universal health care, Beck channels Barbara Walters: “a year from now you will not recognize your country”, JCD: “what the Hell, they changed the name of my streets and painted the pavements red, and there’s blood everywhere!
0:30:13Ted Kennedy’s seat up for grabs, filibuster-proofing, big pharma Martha Coakley campaign
0:34:08ACC on The Rise and Fall of a Scientific Genius, Royal Raymond Rife’s microscopy work
0:40:52Sarah Palin hotness and qualifications debate
0:43:162D movies lighting up frontal lobes unlike 3D; ACC on TV mind control, subliminal ad scandal from 1950s, JCD on spotting Fight Club anomalies, anti-shoplifting muzak, Mirage mind-control perfume; Fox transition bumper, Colbert “Lincolnesque” parody
0:55:17FAA bans Chantix use by air traffic controllers; two-minute ad, “allergic or serious skin reactions … some of which can be life-threatening”, “vivid, unusual, or strange dreams”, 44% success rate vs 18% for placebo, New Jersey accent in actress
1:03:23Study links Monsanto corn to organ damage in rats, Roundup Ready 2 Yield to replace current version due to 2014 patent expiration; Monsanto’s transition from chemical company due to rBGH side effects; Mimi observes $240 grocery purchase consisting entirely of Hot Pockets
1:12:57No Agenda Swine Flu Minute: fake outrage from WHO over big pharma hype, UK trying to take credit from France for not being duped; adjuvanted vaccine production threatening sharks due to squalene derived from shark livers
1:19:47Donation Segment: ACC’s crap art for Show 164, “the number three is very magical”
1:32:53ACC: warships in Gulf of Aden “jockeying for position to take possession of the Stargate”, JCD: “d’ohhh jeez!”; ACC on HAARP earthquake machine used on Haiti, Iran prediction, Obama $1bn “investment”, US aircraft carrier in place; Pat Robertson on Haiti’s pact with Satan to get French out; Southern Command’s Gen. Ken Keen pre-positioned; earthquakes and volcanic activity blamed on global warming
1:42:43Executive Order 13528 Establishment of the Council of Governors for “synchronization and integration of State and Federal military activities in the United States”; former CIA Michael Scheuer to Bill O’Reilly on John Brennan under Clinton thwarting efforts to get Osama bin Laden, enough of Afghanistan suicide bomber left to put in coffin
1:50:41Producer note on impending “bum” status; Rotterdam to institute “unemployment-free zones”; food stamp program outsourced to J.P. Morgan, JCD on J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference at St. Francis; Goldman Sachs admits to securities fraud
1:55:16Cass Sunstein’s 2008 paper Conspiracy Theories: Causes and Cures recommends government infiltration of social media, “crippled epistemology”, government shills in chatroom
1:58:52End-of-show Letterman monologue explaining late night show shuffling