Call Clooney!

164 Waterboarding For Everyone! (2010-01-10)

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0:00:00JCD: “Hellauuuugh!” (0:40:05)
0:00:36California Spare the Air days; Wired article on ACC’s new bus station
0:02:43Producer Segment: ACC recommends The Player
0:06:40Lisa Jardine to BBC In Our Time: “failed miserably” to educate masses on climate change
0:10:05Pro-torture propaganda continues, crotch bomber not looking remotely scary, not guilty plea; Bill O’Reilly: “we need coerced interrogation to fight terror” vs “Nigerian loon”, repeated “c’mon”, ironic “even if you waterboarded me I wouldn’t say”; McLaughlin Group’s “fast-talking blonde” Monica Crowley “more information” from Abdulmutallab meme; no interviews of other passengers; ACC on anti-Muslim movement theory, JCD: let’s trot out iron maiden
0:23:53Rasmussen poll: 58% in favor of waterboarding, JCD on MIA “torture doesn’t work” meme, ACC: “let’s waterboard Crowley!”
0:28:54Inverting naked body scanner propaganda images in Photoshop; Rapiscan health FAQ, reports of DNA damage and cataracts via THz RF, ANSI standard for operator safety, ACC recommends opt-out, JCD: “it’s like a massage, think of it that way”, ACC: “make ‘em work for a living”; “mind reading” Israeli WeCU Technologies and Minority Report pre-crime; parody TSA PSA: “no threat is too big for us to ignore, and no threat is too small for us to make your travel experience as miserable as possible”; Fluoride in My Cup jingle
0:40:09Producer feedback on spotting heroin users, heroin-fueled “I am God” TSA agent; Yemen drilling into Saudi oil fields theory; ACC: “waterboard your congressman”
0:44:46CIA-killing Camp Chapman suicide bomber with car full of explosives; Secret Service impersonator admitted to meet with Kathleen Sebelius; Camp Chapman drone activity
0:50:52And Now Back to Real News: Jay Leno confirmed cancelled, Leno griping about NBC; History Channel Earth 2100 propaganda for GE lightbulbs and Monsanto; Mother Jones “Too Big to Jail” on bankers buying Democrats, JCD on liberals and libertarians pitted against each other, JCD proposes punishing corporations by jailing boards; Blackwater Xe up for $1bn Pentagon contract including “aviation services”
1:03:43Leaked e-mails reveal Timothy Geithner’s bank payoffs in Fed-printed money, ACC: “let’s waterboard Timmy Geithner”; Roman Abramovich’s $5M New Year’s Eve party
1:10:26Donation Segment: filler Ad Council PSAs; ACC on 3D hologram demonstration
1:24:05And Now Back to Real News: Canadian police officer lets Halle Berry skip security line; Joan Rivers detained over “questionable passport”, ACC: “she’s quite scary”; military jets escorting flights with unruly and cynical passengers; creative word of 2009 “Dracula sneeze”
1:32:2785k jobs lost in December, 661k more “bums”, record average unemployment duration; Pelosi, Feinstein, and Boxer opposing Schwarzenegger’s call for California bailout
1:36:15Snow and ice blanketing Europe, BBC meteorologist compares global warming to Manchester United; Mexico COP 16; Google poised to become the new Enron
1:41:21Gaffer’s tape for JCD’s slippery new Google phone; Android No Agenda app
1:44:53JCD’s list of things men can do to annoy women
1:49:13ACC adds MariĆ«tte Hamer “werk, werk, werk” to “jobs, jobs, jobs” clip collection
1:50:37Russia bans US poultry over chlorine contamination; Obama vetoes military spending bill, memorandum of disapproval; compilation of Obama promising healthcare debate on C-SPAN
2:00:01ACC on Americans waking up and voting the idiots out, JCD: “no, of course not, things aren’t moving in a good direction, it sucks!”