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163 The Heroin Boot And You (2010-01-07)

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0:00:00JCD: “No, people can function normal in society as heroin addicts, and that’s what the government would love.” (0:31:36)
0:00:39Jackhammers outside ACC’s place building tallest structure west of Mississippi
0:03:44Producer Segment: JCD working on No Agenda CDs/DVDs
0:09:23“World’s tallest bus terminal” under construction, São Paulo triple buses
0:11:07TSA On the Spot iPhone app, Ed Rollins “The case for firing Janet Napolitano” op-ed; new No Agenda app rejected for disclosing routing of proceeds
0:17:55Dentist producer all-in on water fluoridation, bottled tap water
0:22:02Cocaine worm medication contamination, “vaccine” TA-CD negating effects of the drug but not the craving for it; NYC 10 tips for safer use of heroin: “prepare drugs carefully”, “shoot correctly to avoid infection and collapsed veins”, “only ‘boot’ once or twice in one shot”; JCD on high-functioning heroin addicts, adenoidal Robert Gibbs; Aldous Huxley on “infant conditioning and narco-hypnosis … as instruments of government”
0:35:15Anderson Cooper waterboarding “that’s been proven to work” neurolinguistic programming; antipsychotic use double in children aged 2-5; antisocial behavior in extremely wealthy people
0:52:26Former DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff working for Rapiscan Systems, naked body scanners as child pornography, ACC predicts leaked Angelina Jolie image and Taser ID bracelet
0:58:00Crotch bomber and Joe Lieberman Yemen meme, Gitmo “first-class facility”, “way above what’s required by the Geneva Convention or our Constitution”, “Yemen will be tomorrow’s war”; Gordon Brown all-in on US-UK program, “tribal areas” meme; Gen. Barry McCaffrey predicts 500 casualties per month in Afghanistan
1:05:01Donation Segment
1:12:01Record cold temperatures worldwide, UK gas supply running out; bizarre spiral over Norway and HAARP, hole punched in thermosphere; Project Blue Beam, Zbigniew Brzezinski on secret warfare: “techniques of weather modification could be employed to produce prolonged periods of drought or storm”; Nikola Tesla’s wireless energy transmission experiments
1:23:4320% of released Gitmo prisoners returning to fight
1:25:17Texas woman arrested for going to Canada to hook up with 16-year-old, US law applying to sexual behavior anywhere in the world; “shocking” Dutroux files and Dutch government, EU and UN “floating craps game” meetings in exotic locations around the world
1:29:57Schwarzenegger’s state of the state “jobs, jobs, jobs”
1:31:08Latest healthcare bill backed by the usual suspects including George Soros, “tell the President and Congress, choose wisely”; Obama citizenship case before Supreme Court, Barry Soetoro Occidental College financial aid documents, “off limits” question topics for journalists; JCD on “amateurishly overproduced” Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura on Bilderberg Group “global death plot”, Time Warner truTV, invited journalists keeping quiet about proceedings
1:45:55And Now Back to Real News: Jay Leno cancelled; chatroom “just getting by” heckler; ACC iPhone app and Daily Source Code