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162 30 Taliban Killed (2010-01-03)

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0:00:00JCD: “Somebody’s gonna get killed.” (0:46:40)
0:00:38Sunday Morning Service jingle; ACC’s New Year in rainy Bodega Bay, JCD on non-foggy fireworks, Bodega Bay British family with cooler full of booze, “my best friend Leo”; JCD not all-in on Enterprise car rentals, Molly Wood in ACC’s parking space
0:07:46Codex Alimentarius, Wisconsin to ban sale of home-canned food, Codex honey standards, sketchy World Health Organization
0:11:34Judge overturns Blackwater convictions for killing 14 civilians; eight children killed by CIA in Afghanistan; repeated “30 Taliban killed” meme, JCD: “a code of some sort”
0:16:20Avatar’s billion dollars, ACC: “I think this is a mind control thing”, JCD: WALL-E substantially better; ACC on Men Who Stare at Goats, Barney theme, Gong Show’s CIA assassin Chuck Barris; JCD’s son’s West Point friend on Blackwater doing the fighting and Army doing the logistics, outsourcing war, Smedley Butler War Is a Racket
0:26:17Forbes company of the year Monsanto, The Planet Versus Monsanto article; 17-year-old producer note on fake PBS fundraising B-roll, population control propaganda
0:31:03Producer Segment
0:32:22New Irish blasphemy law up to €25k, Muslim attack on Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard
0:34:49Ray McGovern Are Presidents Afraid of the CIA? article, “Leon Panetta and seven of his moral-dwarf predecessors”, JFK assassination, candid Obama photos and “direct line of fire”
0:38:20Mysterious Indian man helping crotch bomber, Indian arrestee MIA, inordinate number of Indians in Obama administration, Indian RAW Research and Analysis Wing vs CIA, tired-looking Obama #2 in Hawaii, Hillary’s relationship with Indian outsourcing firm, JCD: “Rahm’s expendable”, Indians on transition team, head of DARPA; Indian Prime Minister at state dinner with party crashers; Obama and CIA drug-running
0:56:21Canada to suspend Parliament until March 3, JCD recommends CBC’s The National; OSI Systems Rapiscan CEO Deepak Chopra; little press for RAW, formidable Indian mafia controlling Bollywood and gold trade, Mumbai attacks and ISI
1:03:52Canadian opposition demanding Richard Colvin e-mails on Afghan controversy
1:04:56Australian producer note on radio podcasting special mentioning No Agenda; farmer Peter Spencer’s hunger strike over Kyoto Protocol land use restrictions
1:09:48Donation Segment: defending bloggers subpoenaed by TSA; ACC’s “wad” of bills for beggars
1:26:25Earth under threat from asteroid Apophis, deep solar minimum, Dutch 100-year cold snap
1:30:14Mayo Clinic to stop accepting Medicare patients in Arizona
1:33:10Flying pyramid UFOs over Egyptian pyramids
1:33:58Outro: JCD eleven-minute end-of-show clip montage