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161 Obama vs CIA (2009-12-31)

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0:00:00JCD: “So you’re saying that there’s aliens meeting with our government, ’course they ran this over the Christmas holiday so nobody would notice, that’s what your theory is.” (1:18:30)
0:00:41Good Morning America year-end in memoriam and top ten events quiz for ACC, Bernie Madoff upstaged by Tiger Woods and Octomom, ACC: “I just threw up in my mouth”
0:14:24Producer Segment: Hartford morning show call-in; ACC’s half-dead Walgreens batteries
0:19:23Yemen action finally appearing on MSM; Janet Napolitano lying to Meet the Press; bogus story about crotch bomber boarding without passport, Dutch DoJ on AQQ APIS Quick Query tied into US systems; Schiphol millimeter-wave machine stick figures with orange dot; no burn marks in underwear photos; CNN downplays report of passenger with camcorder; Dutch hero on wrestling with “suspect” for device
0:31:26Fort Hood shooter MIA; Obama vs CIA, failure of “intelligence community” to put Nidal Hasan on no-fly list; Yemen LNG contracts set up by Bush 41, L-3 Communications’ Robert LaPenta’s ties to companies providing rendition flights, Hunt Oil plane breaching Obama’s Hawaii no-fly zone, eight CIA killed in Afghanistan suicide attack at FOB Chapman
0:42:01Schiphol Airport crotch-grabbing and “I have nothing to hide”, JCD: “it’s security theater”; BBC PETN demonstration; Obama “systemic failure”; CNN “well-placed source” on Hasan’s father’s attempt to warn “intelligence community”; Rep. Sue Myrick: “you’re not being told the whole story of why these incidents are happening”, “there are people who have been indoctrinated into the same line of thinking that are now in positions in our government”
0:52:34CNN talking point on Hasan working with Gitmo prisoners, Gitmo as cover for opium “rendition flights”; excuse to extend Patriot Act, replace flight attendants with Air Marshals, reverse bailout of unprofitable airlines; Wired on bloggers subpoenaed by TSA for publishing directive
1:04:12Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols for high-speed rail, JCD on Chinese 400 mph maglev, Leo Wanta a code name from Reagan
1:07:28Mark Thatcher’s connection to crotch bomber’s father in Equatorial Guinea coup d’├ętat attempt; distraction from war crimes indictments for Israeli and Hamas government figures
1:09:35Donation Segment
1:16:20Madoff out of hospital unit and in either cell or Paraguay; military “liaising with extraterrestrial life”, silicon-based “conformers”
1:20:44Top 25 censored news stories, Mexican gangs running juvenile detention outfits, FBI InfraGard
1:25:54Glenn Beck all-in on Atlas Shrugged; ACC recommends Howard L. Bloom’s Genius of the Beast, biological boom and bust cycles; JCD on Thom Hartmann gushing over Avatar
1:30:59Financial Times person of the year Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, Information Week CIO of the year Vivek Kundra; Codex Alimentarius on the verge of implementation, French anti-alcohol laws; Dutch no-fly zone below 1000 feet to avoid military drones
1:39:23Georgia State University: make money in stock market by emulating members of Congress; ethics waiver for John Brennan to investigate crotch bomber intelligence failure, previous position as CEO of The Analysis Corporation
1:41:12XXDR TB extremely drug resistant tuberculosis; 40k goats culled over Dutch Q fever scare
1:43:38Sports Soup lewd-sounding out-of-context quotes, “the entire team came on the ice”
1:45:37New Year’s resolutions to triple donation income, Dutch press on ACC eating airplane; ACC video project and Daily Source Code; New Year plans, blue moon controversy
1:49:04Inuit elders bent out of shape because “the sun, the stars, and the Moon are all changing”