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160 Yemen and the Nigerian Crotch Bomber (2009-12-27)

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0:00:00(excerpt) Announcer: “This is the voice of terror!”
0:01:26ACC in Yosemite at Wawona Hotel, internet available in Redwood Cottages parking lot
0:06:18Producer Segment
0:08:30ACC’s Christmas tulip photos from JCD
0:14:31Distraction of the Week/And Now Back to Real News: Nigerian crotch bomber, “Dutch hero” John Gruden lookalike; massive amount of information unearthed within 24 hours from anonymous source, bomber walking around Schiphol Airport for three hours; PETN pentaerythritol tetranitrate explosive, “injecting liquid” lie; naked body scanner sales bonanza; 2006 TSA detention of marine Daniel Brown for gunpowder residue, PETN already being swabbed for; United Airlines cancels in-flight entertainment as “security measure”, Delta disallows blankets and laptops (JCDPPotD)
0:30:07JCD on pattern of multiple simultaneous al-Qaeda operations: “it’s not that one lone guy catching his dick on fire”; crotch bomber’s father a Nigerian banker
0:32:29Naked body scanners and biometric profile plus RFID, JCD recommends Kena Kai RFID wallets; TSA bragging about 13 arrests for “suspicious behavior or fraudulent travel documents”, 17 firearms, “artfully concealed prohibited item”, “sterile area breaches”; JCD firearm-shaped lead foil cutout practical joke; Nigerian press on eight-year shoe bomber cycle, six northern Nigerian cities stormed by US forces; 60-39 vote to remove limits on national debt and Fannie/Freddy; CIA and Boko Haram in Nigeria; bomber passing second Schiphol checkpoint
0:48:25Donation Segment: JCD on Köln Cathedral used as bomber landmark
0:57:14British Ambassador on briefing telegram disappearing from archives; Bush administration off-site e-mail system, administrator dead in light aviation accident; JCD “are you mad??” iso
1:00:09Clorox “wash your hands and get your flu shot” ad with no mention of Clorox, JCD: “when did H1N1 become a brand name?”, Mevio Lysol ads, FDA pulling down organic remedy ads
1:03:47Roundtable discussion on civility in government, Jesse Helms and Claiborne Pell helping each other onto tram, JCD: “back in the 1860s they used to throw shit at each other in Congress!”
1:08:44UN Goldstone Report on war crimes committed by both sides in 22-day Israel-Hamas conflict, denounced by Israel and US; UK court issues arrest warrant for Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, Netanyahu recalls diplomats to Jerusalem for “big meeting”
1:17:57Lorcaserin weight loss drug; Esquire “Whaddaya Mean Obama Hasn’t Done Anything?” article; producer note on making Obama pillow for anti-Obama in-laws