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15 Hot Horse Meat and Hidden Salami (2008-02-03)

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0:00:19Sunny in CA, high winds in UK, scantily dressed British girls in winter, high-quality BBC weather reports, snow in Washington; JCD on direct-from-farm meat buys, heritage turkeys like pheasant; butchery squeamishness, JCD: “I think they’re forced to listen to Robert Scoble”
0:08:35Davos “circle jerk” conference scam, “drinking club”; UK to tax offshore capital gains, wealthy heading to Switzerland, Wesley Snipes’ tax dodge, Will Smith wage garnishment by IRS, Reagan-era tax simplification schemes
0:23:06McCain “Bush lite”, JCD: Obama viable in 2012, “I can’t see Hillary running again if she loses”; outrageously expensive Super Bowl ads
0:32:15Sarkozy married Carla Bruni, dated Donald Trump, ACC: “dude, we gotta go to Davos”; video streaming on phones, JCD on woman yelling at TSA guy,, ACC’s latest US entry story, “were we in jail together?” when recognized; JCD on loading up on food in New Orleans, salami beaujolais confiscated because “there’s bad meat in Europe”
0:44:27Venison dinner at Chez Spencer with dodgy-looking exterior, JCD recommends reindeer, Americans freaked out in Sweden, puffin-eating Icelanders, JCD on trying elephant in South Africa, giant horse steak in Ljubljana; ACC story: pig for breakfast with Thai hill tribe, JCD: “I didn’t know that sesos was brains”, sweetbreads recipe and search for edible tripe
0:57:18The Economist story on lingering use of Telex in Europe, jet key transfer system; ACC’s TRS-80 Model 100 with build-in modem, Easy Street software, JCD’s “red NEC”, Radio Shack’s computing history, VIC-20 called VC-20 in Germany because of ficken