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159 Health Care Doublecross (2009-12-24)

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0:00:00JCD: “That guy just looks like a phony.”
0:00:40Global warming blizzard in Midwest; sweetened versions of Al Gore Our Choice poem
0:03:45Producer Segment
0:09:41Robert Gibbs laughing like an idiot; Gibbs in HBO Obama campaign documentary; CSI: Miami “it happened because reality just became real”; Gibbs won’t confirm “Barry from DC” call-in to Tim Kaine’s radio show
0:14:35Supreme Court rules that anyone can be held as an enemy combatant and not a person, “torture is a foreseeable consequence of the military’s detention of suspected enemy combatants”; Dredd Scott decision denying citizenship to former slaves and their descendants; Executive Order 12425 elevating Interpol above Constitution
0:27:51BBC speculating about top Christmas song, Killing in the Name Of
0:29:49Senate approves healthcare bill; Free Speech TV’s Thom Hartmann reads old Wisconsin law outlawing corporate contributions “of any kind” to political campaigns; insurance company stocks at 52-year high, Hartmann on Obama insisting on public option removed by Lieberman, JCD insider stock shorting theory, insider sell-off
0:45:01Howard Dean calls out David Gregory on Meet the Press over insurance stock prices; 10x normal volume of put options on airlines on 9/10, JCD: “Chicago pump and dump scheme taken to the limit”; Harry Reid repeal-proof subsection on Medicare Advisory Board
0:53:05Donation Segment: Jon Stewart’s Glenn Beck impression; Nielsen ratings for PBS
1:05:03Upbeat “fungal infections” side effect roster in Simponi ad; CDC warns about levamisole worm medicine in 69% of cocaine shipments, ACC: “this is great marketing”
1:12:36Army jails single mother Alexis Hutchinson for refusing to deploy; pregnancy forbidden for active duty military (JCDPPotD)
1:18:34ACC not all-in on fluoridated water, aluminum industry waste product, Legacy of Ashes CIA Vietnam pacification, EPA to regulate lithium and pharmaceutical waste levels in water; local bans on rainwater collection, JCD on Bermuda cisterns
1:30:07Climategate: Copenhagen being called a failure; Build-A-Bear animated video: “at the rate it’s melting, the North Pole will be gone by Christmas!”; Time to Eat the Dog book on sustainable living; IPCC chair Rajendra Pachauri accused of impropriety by Telegraph, “each penny of it goes to my institute”, “very generous honoraria”, “obviously the skeptics regard me as a target”
1:38:47Verichip delisted and rebranded PositiveID with’s Steel Vault
1:39:40Merry Christmas; ACC’s aircraft officially for sale, next show from Yosemite
1:42:19Outro: end-of-show Christmas song Mimi’s idea; Marc Faber on helping US economy by spending on prostitutes and beer; ACC’s synthesized dead battery announcement; Jonathan Coulton’s Podsafe Christmas