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157 The Democratic Industrial Complex (2009-12-16)

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0:00:00(excerpt) ACC: “That would have been a great show, if it had actually recorded.”
0:01:11Producer Segment
0:03:08Cory Doctorow up in arms about Canadian copyright “reform” and book licensing vs ownership, JCD on Seymour Rubinstein and shrinkwrap licenses; PR firms as source of all news; “Gitmo Nation Baguette” France giving young adults newspaper subscriptions; subsidized Dutch journalist reveals secret government orders; JCD on Microsoft Hood Canal meetings, journalists signing NDAs
0:17:22Distraction of the Week: new White House party crashers vs $1.2T spending bill, executive privilege invoked, JCD: possible warning from CIA; Silvio Berlusconi hit with statue vs mafia connection revelation; Ben Bernanke named Time Person of the Year vs Finance Committee reappointment activities, anti-Bernanke Bernie Sanders
0:28:05Prof. Bill Black: Greenspan & Bernanke “twins”, “they refused to send in the examiners”, “now banks don’t have to recognize losses”; American Bankers Association protests
0:25:46Producer note on spotting enormous amount of military hardware on the move; JCD on left and right wings’ identical complaints, Rush Limbaugh belief checklist, “left-right paradigm”
0:39:32ACC’s C-SPAN iOS app, John Culberson on $1.2T spending bill, “only posted last night”, single copy on clerk’s desk, “why the rush?”, $8T spent in 12 months, Pelosi’s trip to COP 15 for “job creation”; ACC Copenhagen office poll, child credit exchange; massive protests
0:52:20Climategate: Sir David King “remember that these emails go back to 1998” lie to Newsnight audience; standing ovation for Hugo Ch├ívez anti-capitalist rant, JCD “caliphate”
0:58:52Donation Segment: Gates Foundation grants to anti-evolution Discovery Institute
1:07:04UN Office on Drugs and Crime: $352bn in drug money laundered by banking system; appropriations bill lists recipients of money
1:11:06Al Gore backpedals on 75% chance of ice-free Arctic, researcher Wieslav Maslowski “rather pissed on his chips”; anti-warmist heart attack, JCD: “it looked like got an electric shock”; Lord Monckton interviews clueless Greenpeace protester: Greenpeace “not a weather bureau is it?”; Prince Charles & Gordon Brown in separate jets; CIA Center for Climate & Security anticipates “fighting for food and shelter” and military conflict
1:20:37Recent The Nation article on “Democratic Industrial Complex”, 23 of donations from healthcare industry; Howard Dean on healthcare bill from “pro insurance company Democrats”
1:24:37AP on Monsanto anticompetitive business practices, Bayer admits GMO contamination is out of control, not a word from NPR or PBS; new information on the dangers of high fructose corn syrup, JCD recommends Heinz organic ketchup, Pepsi dropping HFCS
1:30:48Cruise missile explosion over Nebraska; Northwest 188 ATC tapes released, ACC: “these guys were not asleep, they were freaked out by something and they’re not talking about it”
1:34:05And Now Back to Real News: dead Nebraska man eaten by his two pugs
1:34:40Iraqi insurgents hacking into unencrypted US drone video feed
1:36:07So You Don’t Have To book review jingle, Crisis by Design: The Untold Story of the Global Financial Coup and What You Can Do about It
1:37:21Outro: JCD correction on history of Casper Milquetoast