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156 The Science is In Part Two (2009-12-13)

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0:00:00JCD: “I love you, man! I love you, man!” ACC: “I love you man! Hey man, I love you!” (1:28:19)
0:00:38ACC’s show notes site password recovery; Friday night “old journalist dudes” party, JCD collaborators waiting on him, JCD three sheets to the wind
0:03:54Producer Segment
0:05:31Imagine There’s No Global Warming jingle
0:06:51And Now Back to Real News: Geraldo Rivera interviews Hollywood madam who supplied Tiger Woods with hookers; experiments with Skype port forwarding
0:10:17Geoff Smith Science!, Don’t Be a Denier, The Science is In!, and Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand jingles; PBS fundraising black preacher: “receptivi-tea”, “yes to prosperity, yes to compassion, yes to service”; Rev. Manning “boom shakalaka”
0:16:08Climategate: cap and trade protests sanitized in and The Guardian coverage, The Distraction of the Week jingle; EU pledges €8bn for Africa; “tck tck tck” meme, “heavy blow to nation-state system” unless agreement is reached; JCD on global government to protect wealth of elites; high school producer message on teacher all-in on one world government
0:33:25UK Parliament considering bill to require criminal background checks for homeschooler, JCD on Washington homeschooling, post-WWI push for global governance, JCD predicts 2020 European war; Paul Ehrlich’s The Population Bomb and sterilization via water supply, John Lennon not all-in with David Frost
0:44:27George Carlin on “save the planet” absurdity, “the planet is fine, the people are fucked”; armed UN rent-a-cop shuts down journalist Phelim McAleer for asking Prof. Stephen Schneider about Climategate e-mail deletion, “if you don’t shut that off I’m gonna take it away from you”
0:52:12Danish police yellow triangle insignia; Norway spiral in Russia & China, Kremlin UFO pyramid
0:57:19Kari Norgaard to Wired on “well-organized, well-funded climate-skeptic campaigns”, “same PR firms who helped the tobacco industry”; ACC on National Suicide and celebrity megalomania; Financial Post on IPCC eugenics agenda; JCD on fuss over teen pregnancy
1:08:32PBS fundraising The Answer is You with Michael Bernard Beckwith, “complaining is a public declaration of your inability to see opportunities”, “what you appreciate appreciates”, “investment in this station”, bakelite phone bell in background cued by “participate fully in your life” and “valuable community service”; laugh tracks and subliminal propaganda crawl
1:22:08Donation Segment: producer note from father of serviceman in Iraq
1:27:11“Milli Vanilli wannabe” Beckwith’s Agape International Spiritual Center, problem/emblem etymology “made-up piece of crap” (JCDPPotD); Free Speech TV Gay USA outing people, GLAD talking with Fox over “homophobic and transphobic animated shows”, “fruitful” gag
1:36:08Matt Taibbi “must read” Rolling Stone article “Obama’s Big Sellout” to Wall Street
1:40:32No Agenda Swine Flu Minute: producer recording of vaccination telemarketing
1:43:35Swedish military intelligence able to wiretap all foreign internet traffic
1:45:20Obama Peace Prize acceptance speech: “I understand why war is not popular”, NATO “wagers of peace”, US “standard-bearer in the conduct of war”; Casper Milquetoast
1:52:24Veterans Today story on bin Laden dying at Tora Bora; ACC predicts “spit out your chewing gum!” at TSA checkpoints, Ukrainian chemistry student killed by explosive gum; naked scanner “stand on the yellow footprints”; “narcotecture” in Afghanistan
2:01:49JCD on new term “warmist”; Burt Rutan on danger of triggering ice age