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155 Holes Over Norway (2009-12-10)

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0:00:00JCD: “I’m not sick, it’s only a flesh wound!”
0:00:39Al Gore brings on snowstorms
0:01:08Producer Segment
0:04:18And Now Back to Real News: chihuahuas top dog pound submissions due to Beverly Hills Chihuahua; ACC’s pigeons Granola and Gretchen
0:08:03ACC on “portal” over Norway and Large Hadron Collider, Partial Reflection Medium-Frequency Atmospheric Radar facility in Ramfjordmoen, 2.43 MHz signal, ACC: “it’s an attack on the extraterrestrials”, incoming ion cannon theory, JCD: “looks doctored”, spike in meteor sightings predicted; Norwegians miffed over Obama’s event cancellations; Hessdalen lights
0:18:28CIA angry over being thrown under bus by Obama, Tiger Woods scandal as proxy attack via National Enquirer; planned Franklin Roosevelt coup and War Is a Racket author Smedley Butler, Nazi-funder Prescott Bush, Mena Arkansas
0:27:05Guns N’ Roses So You Don’t Have To book review jingle; ACC recommends National Suicide by Martin Gross, 2011 $1T in interest on national debt; limousines and jets in Copenhagen
0:34:40Climategate: Al Gore climate change poem, “horsemen ready their stirrups”, JCD: “the guy is nearly an L. Ron Hubbard”; Copenhagen treaty has World Bank running the show, GE at top of list of approved companies; Katie Couric: “at least 97 percent of climatologists believe global warming is real and largely man-made”, “the health of the earth should not be a political issue”, JCD: “if we’re sincere about this whole thing we would only have cap
0:45:54Marc Morano’s, Mark Watson “what an asshole” on News Night
0:50:52EPA’s Lisa Jackson on “polar icecaps crumbling into the oceans” and “disappearing coastlines”, 2007 Supreme Court Clean Air Act ruling, “this administration will not ignore science or the law any longer”, ACC: “unless it comes to torturing people”, “cements 2009’s place in history”, emission reporting requirements, UK license plate readers and automobile black boxes, “there is nothing in the hacked e-mails that undermines the science upon which this decision is based”, “that’s one thread looking at one data set over many many data sets” lie
1:06:15Donation Segment: ACC’s plane for sale; Australia cracking down on knives
1:14:55Al Gore’s attempt to have Ted Koppel discredit paper by his mentor Roger Revelle; ACC’s Atlas Shrugged with home-grown tobacco
1:20:15No Agenda Swine Flu Minute: H1N1 in cheetah in Santa Rosa zoo; ILI influenza-like illness; Dutch “doctor flu” toast for first confirmed case; children dying after being vaccinated; Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk demands producers take responsibility for side effects
1:25:35And Now Back to Real News: CNN’s Robin Oakley’s unfortunate “niggles” in article on European perception of Obama, bullcrap Mullah Omar “the enemy has the watches, we have the time” quote; Jan Peter Balkenende’s “banen, banen, banen
1:32:56Republican elephant stars switched to pentagrams in 2000; EU gives US access to all financial transaction records; Georgia Guidestones “maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature”; ACC predicts two-to-the-head for Al Gore
1:38:26Google applying tracking cookie to not-logged-in users; Timothy Geithner extends TARP blank check through 2010; Dutch “Kok’s quarter” fuel tax, JCD on Bay Area bridge toll hikes
1:43:21“Hank Paulson’s butt boy” Neel Kashkari headed to Pimco; Copenhagen President and Bilderberger Connie Hedegaard; stock bonuses instead of cash bonuses at Goldman Sachs, Bank of Scotland £1.5bn, special tax on bonuses; H1N1 “second wave” meme