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154 Amanda Knox Knockers (2009-12-06)

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0:00:00JCD: “They do not know this is gonna happen, I’m telling you, this is gonna be weird.” (0:55:22)
0:00:38JCD on reptilian Al Gore’s Letterman appearance, immortal Henry Kissinger; ACC on Philadelphia International Airport “expert traveler” line, TSA “checkpoint”, airport security “you must take your Ken dolls out” for Kindles, No Agenda tip: check in at first class self-service, premium security line scam
0:10:26And Now Back to Real News: Amanda Knox convicted for murder of Meredith Kercher, prosecutor under indictment, Satanic cult distraction; public disgust at law enforcement behavior, slave labor in for-profit prisons; “Foxy Knoxy” on MySpace, “they haven’t done themselves any favors by putting this stuff on the web for all to see”, the ordeal of deposition
0:19:02Producer Segment
0:20:45JCD on theoretical Flickr photo of grilling and arson indictment, danger of keeping photos private; ACC’s “smokin’ dope in his airplane” photo, danger of photos of children; Flickr EXIF GPS data (JCDPPotD)
0:26:39Canadian No Agenda by 15-year-old kids
0:27:15Lisbon Treaty promises flood of new laws and regulations, death penalty exemption for fleeing suspect, burglar shot by Dutch police; Australian RSPCA proposes law for daily dog walking or jail; single No Agenda listener at Mevio
0:35:21Climategate: Climate Change Denialists Beware jingle, Huffington Post’s smug Katherine Goldstein tweet: trip to Copenhagen “debatably the best job perk ever”; free prostitutes for COP 15 attendees; Newsweek “MILF greenie” photo with Dalai Lama; UK temperature data to be reexamined, no mention in mainstream media; Gordon Brown “flat earthers” parallel; Copenhagen “big-ass trade show”; Copenhagen Treaty one world government push, Ketchum Inc marketing giant, Coca-Cola “pouring rights” for city, UN event at Kronborg Castle; escalation of 2009 Seattle WTO protest agenda, ACC: take incriminating pictures
0:51:40We Are Change New York heckling Al Gore book signing, PR chick: “no press here, just photo op”, ACC: “shut up, slave!”, “Mr. Gore, you are a traitor to this nation and you know it!”, “New World Order scumbag!”; Keith Olbermann deconstructs Jon Stewart and “Fox Climategate story”; Hannity hangs up on Bilderberg caller; Governor Schwarzenegger video predicts 7-degree rise in temperatures, threat to “nearly eliminate skiing”, shameless Tesla promotion; Red Hot Lies author Chris Horner on NASA satellite fleet to track global cooling, NASA constantly changing data, temperature monitoring moving to cities
1:07:19Club of Rome overpopulation doomsday clock fearmongering, 150M population target
1:11:34Donation Segment: ACC’s sister Willows top ten reasons she subscribes to No Agenda
1:20:36Henry Waxman media subsidy bills, ACC: “Ministry of Truth in the making”; Voices from the Heartland podcast, DHS preparing for civil unrest, NORTHCOM Operation Garden Plot, suspension of Posse Comitatus; Ben Bernanke on deficit “entitlement issue and the aging issue”, “I’m not in any way advocating unfair treatment of the elderly”; Al Franken to drunk Max Baucus: “I thank you for the sixteen seconds, and I’d like to, now, oh! I’ve used it up!”
1:35:41No Agenda Swine Flu Minute: Dollhouse stealth “sharing” vaccine ad, ACC on Zen TV Experiment and mind control
1:39:32End of show clip: Jim Bunnings eviscerates Ben Bernanke in confirmation hearing; “ask your doctor” No Agenda PSA